Teenage Girls and Body Image: A Lesson For All Of Us

83 thoughts on “Teenage Girls and Body Image: A Lesson For All Of Us”

  1. I can’t stand when thin girls are like ” oh I’m so fat and ugly” when reality is they are thin and beautiful. I know a girl at my school who thinks this and she isn’t. What doesn’t help is guys joke around with her telling her she IS ugly and fat. I know they think she is very confident and knows she isn’t but the thing is she doesn’t know she is beautiful. There’s this song that reminds me of her it’s called Tied Together With A Smile by: Taylor Swift. I especially love the beginning because she is says how pretty that girl is. When school starts back up I am going to leave an Operation Beautiful note just for her like on her notebook or something. I want her to know she is beautiful no matter what anyone else says. I love Operation Beautiful!!!!!

  2. I have had problems like this as well and still do. I know I am beautiful but every once in a while I feel like some part of my body is fattier than the other. I don’t like pity so I keep it to myself with the exception of when it really bothers me. 4 years ago I lost about 80 lbs in over a year and was 15-20 lbs under weight. Now I’m normal but have problems from being anorexic that made me very forgetful. I really hope when I’m an adult if I have kids they grow up in a better society than I did. Beauty isn’t size 0.

  3. Don’t say it makes you when skinny pretty girls say they’re ugly and fat. Because all that does is make them feel like bitches too.

  4. Really? I have an lower BMI and I find myself thinking I’m TOO skinny. Go figure…

    Either way, I realized that I need to stop comparing myself to what I envisioned were curvier and more beautiful girls all around me.

  5. This post was REALLY helpful to me! I am always comparing myself to others and wondering how I can fit in etc. and what most people seem to say on videos that you see on the Internet, is that you should just be yourself. However, if you spend your time creating someone you think you should be you lose touch of that. I will seriously try and do what you recommended and every time I compare myself I will tell myself how amazing I AM and hopefully I will feel better! Thanks so much for this post!

  6. It think I am way too skinny, I hate it because my arms and legs are stick thin and it looks disgusting, I look ill. I eat a normal amount, not a lot, but always until I’m full, but I never gain weight.

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