19 thoughts on “Sunday Notes – July 19, 2008”

  1. In German, sie sind sehr schön, and in French, vous êtes très belle! That’s just the basics – you are beautiful.

  2. “Ne vous inquietez pas, vous êtes déjà belle!”

    Don’t worry, you’re already beautiful!

    (in french)

  3. Hey… I speak Spanish and French and live in a heavily mixed neighborhood (hear those languages more than English sometimes)… I was going to stay home today, but I may need to go out for a walk and leave some trilingual notes, no?

  4. No te preocupes! Tu hermosura se luce por la belleza que te llevas adentro

    Dont worry. Your beauty is illuminated by the beauty that you carry within.

  5. I’m a Chinese major — you didn’t mention it, but if you want it “Don’t worry, you’re beautiful” in Chinese is ???; ?????

    🙂 Good luck.

  6. Elizabeth-I know exactly how you feel…I’ve been in the dressing room or passing a mirror, or just the way I ‘feel’ and posting the notes really helps me turn my own attitude around. Way to go!

  7. From Deborah:

    Today I heared of “operation beautiful” for the first time in my life, but I just love it! I live in Germany and spent half a year in canada, that’s why I know it, a friend told me about. And I can tell you, that “don t worry, you re beautiful inside and out” means in german: “Mache Dir keine Sorgen, Du bist schoen, sowohl Innen als auch Aussen”. I hope you can need it in Disnay Land!

  8. german:
    “Du bist wunderschoen, sowohl Innen, als auch Aussen!”
    “don’t worry, you’re beautiful inside and out”

  9. Thanks for all the translations, guys! I’m going to write them down and post notes in lots of languages on my trip – airports and theme parks are a great way to get people from all over to see Operation Beautiful.

  10. ???? ?????

    There are the characters for the Chinese spelled out above in pinyin 🙂 “bie2 dan1xin1, ni3 hen3 mei3li4!” (Don’t worry, you’re beautiful!)

  11. These languages were not requested but you never know, someone might be interested 🙂
    Here is the translation for “Don´t worry, you´re beautiful” …
    In Swedish: “Oroa dig inte, du är vacker”
    In Dutch: “Trek het je niet aan, je bent prachtig”

  12. “don’t worry, you’re beautiful inside and out” in brazilian portuguese is: não se preocupe, você é bonita por dentro e por fora. And just “you’re beautiful” -> Você é bonita.

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