5 thoughts on “Sunday Notes – December 26, 2010”

  1. I found a note today at the Cinemark in Plano, Texas. I had never heard of this before but omg did it make me smile. I plan on blogging about it after the first of the year. Thank you for starting such an amazing movement. It’s brilliant and I plan on carrying sticky notes around from now on!

  2. This website is amazing…(((:

    We are doing an Operation Beautiful at our school too,.
    E-mail me some ideas please!(:

    –Cory-Rawson operation beautiful Presidents.,.,.

    1. Some students and teachers have created clubs at their schools, too. They get together and write notes to put in anonymous places or put them in cards or postcards and mail to nursing homes or soldiers overseas. They challenge students not to wear makeup to schools. Some groups have fund-raised for girls’ groups such as Girls on the Run or an eating disorder prevention program. We don’t have any formal thing to set up a club so its up to you!

      1. Thank you so much. We really appreciate it!! We are doing an article in our school newspaper! To tell everyone about this WONDERFUL sight!!!((;

        Don’t forget. Your gorgeous exactly the way you are!(:

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