4 thoughts on “Sunday Notes – April 11, 2010”

  1. I am a high school English teacher… today one of my students slipped a note saying “Thank You for all that you do–you are BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT! You know how to turn a frown upside down” and operationbeautiful.com into my backpack. I don’t 100% know which student it was, but I have a good idea… 🙂 I am going to post notes in our girls’ bathrooms and on some lockers now.

  2. i am a student at pleasanton high school.. today i saw one of these in the rest room it said “smile, your gorgeous!” operationbeautiful.com!!((: it really changed my horrible glummy day into a wonderful one! im not one to really consider myself pretty.. but sometimes things like this just make me feel a whole lot better about myselff(; im going to start posting some of my own around Pleasanton ;D

  3. i know this is mainly for girls but some of these have been posted in the guys locker room and these guys bathroom, i guess this also makes guys feel good because after reading one, it made me feel happyy annd special! like someone gave me a nice complement or somethingg.. its amazing how something soo little can change someones day soo fast 🙂

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