4 thoughts on “Special Operation Beautiful Announcement!”

  1. It’s a shame the focus wasn’t on boys as well – we ALL are beautiful and we ALL could use a self acceptance boost, boys included. I’m the on lookout for a book like this but for my 12 yer old son. He’s such a bright young man but sadly suffers from the same issues as his girly peers (no matter how often I tell him that he’s smart, handsome, and a genuine good person). Anyway… If you know of any book recommendations or orgs designed for boys let me know!! I’d appreciate it 🙂

    1. Hi Emmy!

      I would absolutely LOVEEEEEEEEEE to include a note and story from a boy as well as girls. The book only focuses on girls because that’s the focus on Operation Beautiful and the market. A note from your son would be awesome to include!!

    2. Hey Emmy, i totally understand what you mean so at my college i put up posters that would appeal to everyone and when i leave notes and things like that i make sure i do it in boys lockers, in the boys bathroom too! i will look out for a more male orientated OP-Beaut though 🙂 xxx

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