21 thoughts on “Special Announcement from Caitlin!”

  1. I’m not a tween anymore, but was wondering if i could submit something possibly for this book?
    Its a project i’m working on to help with my tween and under nieces and nephews for x-mas that i think would fit in quite well

  2. Whoo! This sounds amazing…I’m so happy that you’re making one for tweens and teens. Thanks for making my day, Caitlin! 😀

  3. Caitlin~
    Thanks SO much for doing this! My best friend and I love Operation Beautiful (I’ve sent in many notes myself and she’s just started catching on to it, we’re going on a posting spree soon) and I can’t wait to send in pictures and buy the book! Thanks for thinking of us!

  4. Wow, this site is amazing. I just happened to run across your site while exploring Yahoo! and I love what you, and everyone else, is doing to boost self-confidence. I’m a senior in high school and it’s so hard to feel beautiful around here. I am going to start making little notes to put up around the girl’s locker rooms and bathrooms. I am truely inspired by this!

  5. What kinda submissions are you looking for? I’d really like to get involved, I’m just not sure what you’re looking for. <3

    1. Hi Macy:

      We need to have new notes for the book so I hope you create a new note and submit it using the special form – I will be SURE to let you guys know when it’s up. I’m having some legal issues.

  6. Caitlin-
    I can’t wait to submit!
    Also, I’m just here to say that I read about your inspiring story on Yahoo, and I think you are doing a fantastically fantastic job!!! 🙂
    I actually haven’t found any notes in my school, or other areas, but I can’t wait to start posting some!
    P.S. Since I am a random person and I like posting random things……
    I am in middle school-VERY TRUE!!!! 🙂

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