8 thoughts on “Saturday Notes – July 4, 2009”

  1. Heather’s story made me tear up a bit. Bravo to her for raising her daughter to not fall victim to impossible beauty standards!

  2. Love these stories!

    I just found this site (though Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom) and it’s fabulous. I’ve left notes like this around myself- but it’s always awesome to be part of a concerted effort! I just might get myself a pretty new post-it note pad and start up again & document it 🙂

    I was just wondering- do you have any buttons or anything for participants to put on their sites & blogs to link back here with to help spread the word?

  3. Hi, So everyday, I get up, Have a shower, get ready, then feel fat, Even tho i dont eat anything for lunch or breakfast, but at school seeing all the pretty girls and all the guys, at least ONE person a day calls me ugly, but the website has made be relized, God has made me look like this, I should Be happy And think of all the people that call be pretty, not the people who call me ugly.


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