7 thoughts on “Saturday Notes – August 28, 2010”

  1. Wow, i never thought that my post would make it on this website! i was showing my friend this website when I saw my post-it! I had posted the yellow one at panera about 2 weeks ago but couldn’t take a pic since i didn’t have a camera! but i am SOO glad someone saw it and hopefully made them happier!YAY!:D

  2. I am 37 and a small petite woman that is slim. I have never had a good body imagine and it is so hard when people say wow you are so skinny are you okay?? I equate this to being called fat. I have been looking at this website and see that fat talk is bad but so is too skinny talk. I am learning so much about this site and have shared it with many!!!

  3. So, yesterday, while walking around Battlefield mall in Springfield, MO, my friend and I handed out/posted 16 notes. We gave 2 to cashiers, 1 to a book stocker, and 1 to a random lady who looked like she was having a bad day. We put some up in the bathrooms, and then put some up in the bathrooms at A&B Cycle, Panera Bread, Mudhouse Coffee, and in dieting books at Borders Express. I hope we made someone’s day (:

  4. Hello Operation Beautiful! I read an article about you in FIRST Magazine. You guys are soo generous. You inspired me to write post-it notes in public for people to read, so thank-you so much! I will write OperationBeautiful.com on the bottom to spread the word.

    YOU are beautiful, SMILE!

  5. there are people out there who look past things like a womans exterior. i happen to prefer bigger women over the thinner gals. but i dont shun thin girls either. point is; curves are and always will be attractive. some people dont admit it, while others are outward about it. either way, this site is great!

  6. Today I posted one at the Dr’s office. I felt really good about myself, and I know I made someone’s day. What made me happy was a lady who was mentally challenged walked back from the bathroom with a smile on her face, and told whoever she was with about the note in the bathroom. I turned around and smiled, and turned back around. Nice to know I made someones day. <3

  7. Thank you so much for this site! I can’t believe I never thought about these ideas before myself! I’m going to start posting happy notes all over my city. I hope they will make someone’s day. Thank you and God bless! =)

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