5 thoughts on “Saturday Notes – April 24, 2010”

  1. You are making a difference in my daughters lives. Thank you. I have a 21 and 25 year old. They love your blog. I am a personal trainer and have been trying to get this across to women and young girls for 20 years. Thank you for your blog, your operation beautiful!! I just pre ordered your book 🙂 ps can you get it ready for the kindle. I would love to get it on my kindle. Diane

  2. This is so wonderful and inspirational. You have seriously helped alleviate my fears about my wedding dress – I was “fat talking” myself down, when I am actually slim and healthy and beautiful.

    Thank you for what you do. Julia

  3. This is a really great thing! Peter is staying at the campground i work @ and told me to check out this website. Its a wonderful thing! Keep it up 🙂

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