Why Fat Talk Rears It’s Ugly Head When You’re Stressed

11 thoughts on “Why Fat Talk Rears It’s Ugly Head When You’re Stressed”

  1. Yesterday, i bought GLAMOUR magazine for the second time. As i was reading through the magazine, somewhere it had mentioned http://www.operationbeautiful.com and i got my laptop out very soon after reading it and visited the site.
    I personally, know that i am not fat. I dance, and eat well but at the same time, i am ALWAYS beating myself up about the way i look. I’m too soft, my eyebrows aren’t shaped enough, my skin has red marks [i shouldn’t have picked at that zit!], your hair sucks, your boobs are too big it goes on and on. Even though i know all of this is a part of being 16, i can’t help but always compare myself to the airbrushed models in magazines like GLAMOUR.
    It doesn’t help, being a dancer you are expected to be thin and muscular and have this perfect amazing body, and sometimes it hard to go to class and see stick figured girls that can dance like no other and not start to pick at yourself.
    After reading about ‘Fat Talk’, i have been inspired to spread the website around school when it starts. I know for a fact that i am not the only one who is like this at school. My friends have sometimes expressed to me their insecurities about their bodies and or looks. It really is heartbreaking because i have known these girls since preschool and every single one of them is beautiful.
    So i started to think, that i was going to change and stop fat talking and all of that jazz and help my friends to as well. I am going to stop saying ‘no way’ when my boyfriend calls me beautiful, i will look in the mirror and stop thinking, go to the gym. IM DONE. all thanks to this website.
    I’m looking forward to spreading the word and have already posted the link as my facebook status. I just have to thank you. I have only read two articals and i feel so much better about myself. (:
    love Glenna.

  2. The other day on the train, I picked up the news paper (something I haven’t done in years) which is something that a school child isn’t expected to do but I did the the surprise of the business men.

    A small magazine happened to be beneath the newspaper so after getting a little bored of the news I decided to take a glance through. I knew it was for older women but what shocked me was that every single article in there was about how to lose weight, how to eat fast food without gaining too much, how female celebrities have lost whatever amount of pounds and even one article was about how Jennifer Aniston is keeping her gorgeous quite thin figure while pregnant. I just thought that this was the worst magazine ever because all it talked about was trying to lose weight and lose it fast.

    I really like everything this operation stands for. I just wish the magazine companies would stop their fat talk as well.

    At school I found an “operation beautiful” post-it note saying “you are amazing just the way you are…”
    I remembered the web domain, and here I am! I really appreciate what this site stands for and the vulnerability you are sharing in this blog post. I too am in general a confident, empowered woman (and my business revolves around empowering other women too,) but even so, this FatTalk as you call it haunts me at times in the more conniving ways… Thank you for sharing your wisdom and giving a voice to this painful experience so many women wrestle with.

    Be Well,


  4. Thanks for your honesty. If more people who are seen as “experts” would ‘fess up to losing it once in a while, we’d all be happier. I own WSS and occasionally sneak a CIGARETTE of all things! Some days, it’s better than the alternative. Love your site. Absolutely LOVE IT. My Facebook and Twitter accounts are the proof. I have also just placed about 20 Post-It notes in my office building bathrooms. It makes me smile just to think about it.

  5. I just decided to read this today because I’ve been feeling depressed and stresses out this week. I’ve been looking at my OB notes I made for myself and they only made me feel good for a little while. I know I’ve been stressed but I didn’t realise it had anything to do with my negativity until I looked at my OB notes.
    So thanks for running this site Caitlyn. You’re amazing and beautiful too. 🙂

  6. I love the title of this! So funny but true. I actually cant wait untill school starts, because then I can hopefully inspire the girls at my school to quit Fat Talking and start being themselves, they’re so beautiful. Thank you so much for this artical and this Operation, I hope it changes the rest of the world along with the parts of it it already has!

  7. Lately I’ve been having some issues, much like other girls my age. (15)
    I’ve been having them for a while now, and despise them. It got out of hand as I realized I liked a guy, whose feeligns weren’t mutual, but he loved me as a friend. I sent him an email stating my feelings, and that I needed for him to ignore me, so my feelings would subside. He protested, but I told him I really needed it, so he eventually agreed.
    It was only when I clicked this website, three days later, that I realized it wasn’t the solution.
    I feel stronger now that I know a lot of people have to cope with this sort of stuff, and that I can fight it. I sent another email, stating that I needed a break, but was coping now, and ready to be his old friend again.
    And I am. Because I know I can fight that ferocious insecure side of me, and I know I won’t give up until I win.

    Thank you.

  8. I fat talk alot even though when me and my really close friends first met we all agreed we wouldn’t because we all dislike it and think it is wrong and unhealthy. I don’t even say it out loud but I do it every where and any where and I feel guilty every time because I realize what I’m doing and that just causes me to tell myself more bad things about myself.

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