How to Become Fat Talk Free

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  1. Hi.
    I am a 15 year old girl and this has helped me a lot. I’ve been worried about my body and weight ever since this one kid in school called me fat just to annoy me and i was stuppid enough to take the insult seriously. Over the past 3 years i have been battling with anorexia and bulimia. I have been admitted into the hospital once and i stopped eating. This website and operationbeautiful has helped me a lot. Thank you so much.

    1. Oh, Eefa, your story makes me want to cry. You’re so young to have seen such a difficult trial like that in your life already. Remember your future is bright, and you can conquer any difficult thing in your pathway, and you have a GREAT purpose in this life. Keep working on positive thinking (I’m working on that, too), and you will end up changing other people’s lives for the better! Find the good in yourself, and make it grow!

  2. this video really moved me… im in tears still. all my friends tell me not to fat talk, but i always do, and when im not talking it, im thinking it… = (

  3. Hi, I read this over and over and it has really helped me. I’m only 15, and being in high school has been hard so far, because everyone just seems MORE beautiful. This has helped me a lot and I’m grateful for it. Thank you!

    1. I know how it is. But really, no one is more beautiful than you are. If they think that they’re better than you and they don’t want to hang out with you because they think you’re not good enough, that’s their loss. Their missing out on the greatest opportunity of a lifetime. Never, ever, compare yourself to today’s society. Most of the ‘more beautiful’ women are unhealthy and underweight. I, being 5′ 10″ and weighing in at a hefty 170 lbs, know how it feels. But trust me, darling, no one is ever more beautiful than you.
      Love, Julia

      1. Julia – I’m 6’1 and 185lbs. Trust me, there’s nothing wrong with being your weight! As much as I “fat talk,” I know I’m nowhere near it. This site has definitely done wonders for me over the past months!

  4. This is a very good blog and video! The video was very well put together and inspirational. I don’t think it could’ve been any better! Being overweight is really hard and a lot of people struggle with it, but they do have to realize they are beautiful and if they don’t feel good about themselves they need to be around people that make them feel good and forget about their weight and excercise if they want to lose weight. Sitting around saying you are fat isn’t going to help. I’m guilty of that one as I’m sure a lot of us are. I’m 20 years old, 5’6″ and weigh 172. I am chunky and while I hate my stomach I sit around and do nothing about it. I really do need to work out, walk or do anything that makes me feel better. Sitting around all day doesn’t help me one bit. Anyways, everyone is beautiful!! I think that models look discusting because they are so skinny. Some woman have bigger bones and are more curvy. Love what you have!! I really want to start doing something about my stomach and this blog really helped! Thanks girls! I think what you guys are doing is great!! Very clever and unique idea! You girls have very big hearts to help so many people feel good about themselves.

  5. Im Karin. I am 18 years old and when I was a sophmore and junior in high school, I was anorexic. I never liked the way I looked, but I had no idea why. I don’t even remember when it started. I constantly compare myself to others and sluff off every compliment I am given. This video is just the beginning of my journey to finally accept myself for who I am just the way that I am. Thank you for starting this. You have opened my eyes to the fact that its not just about FAT TALK. Its about FAT THINK. And both of those need to stop now.

  6. Im Michelle,Im 15.I bearly Found This Website The Video Helped Alottt,But i have a problem I alwayscompare myself like im so ugly or im so fat i wish i was like her this and that,Its Getting bad to the point where i Exersise Too Much and Still See me Fat,I stop Trying to eat all the bad food and i try to stop Eating so much,It hurts so bad i go crying to my friends or Boyfriend.I Really need Help,but i wanna see How People see me i dont wanna Feel Bad about myself i dont want it to get worserr becuase i feel like it is.And ITs really hard in Highschool becuase seeing all those Beautiful girls.But Hopefully this Website will Help me

    1. Michelle, do you have a guidance counselor you can talk to at school? You should reach out to an adult who can help you. You don’t have to go through this alone!

    2. michelle,
      if you should take one thing from this website it would be that you are not alone! and i know that i personally never would have looked for help because i felt that if i looked for help i was giving up, being weak, not taking it on my own. then i realized something. giving up is sitting on your couch waiting for these feelings to take over. going to a counselor? that is you actively saying that you are not going to live like this! that you are going to do something about it, for you. it takes a lot of bravery to ask for help but give it a try! i know its scary, but if it makes all the difference, isnt that worth a try?

  7. This site has really helped me and i’ve only been on it for a short time. My friend left some sticky notes around and i saw them, i typed the website address in and it’s really helped me feel confident. I have always struggled with my body since the age of 7 because i was being called ‘”Fat” by my step-brother because he knows it really gets to me, after 6 years of this i was feeling really low and stopped eating as much, it came to now when i only have one small crusty roll a day and then 3/4 of my dinner. My friends are worried about me, but this site has gave me some of my confidence back. Just because someone is calling me “Fat” doesn’t mean i am, it’s just someone trying to hurt me and make me feel bad about myself. Now when my step-brother does it, i just ignore him because if i should feel good about myself. I’m going to try and eat more now because curvy can be sexy! Thank you you’ve made me feel good πŸ™‚

  8. My husband found this site for me to take a look at. Today was a day of deep depression because of the way I now see myself. I am 54 years old, was diagnosed with breast cancer a bit more than a year ago and have now had my second breast removed last week. I have so many things to be grateful for, being cancer free, having a husband that love me in a way I never thought anyone would love me. Today I broke down several times. I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and when I came home there were post it notes all over the house for me. Now he has shown me your website. I look forward to looking at myself differently and accepting that look. One day at a time.

  9. I found this website through and it really helped me. I’m a 15 year old girl who is overcoming an eating disorder. I still Fat Talk when I’m with my friends, because it seems to be the norm. Now I know that it’s not healthy to do that, and I have full intentions of stopping my Fat Talk. I want to be a part of Operation Beautiful and starting tomorrow, I’m going to put up sticky notes in the girls’ bathrooms and changerooms at school to remind all the teenage girls there that they are beautiful. No one should ever be told that they are ugly or fat because everybody has their own type of beauty.

    1. next time your friends start fat talking, show them operation beautiful! and then everyone should give each other and themselves a compliment!

  10. I was always very self conscious when I was younger even though I didn’t show it. Since high school began last year I began to exercise daily and eat more healthy and have lost serious baby fat and just plain weight. I’m very comfortable with my outward appearance and I have many friends that say I’m pretty, but sadly, I see other girls in school that think they are too fat or too ugly to go out without make-up or even talk to certain people because their self esteem. Ever since I started operation beautiful at my school (no one had ever heard of it) I began seeing a change in the other girls at school who see my notes and read them. It brings a smile to my face when some of the less popular girls get my notes from the bathroom or something and read them and it brightens their day. And now, I even see other people’s notes showing up. I’m glad that I got to start this amazing movement at my school that inspires people. And now, I have people coming up to me and asking what else they can do for Operation Beautiful. And I’ve never been happier πŸ™‚

  11. I fat talk in my head a lot and out loud as well. i see how harmful it is though, to myself & others. I am definitely going to make a stand against it more often. Thanks for the post.

  12. These are such excellent ideas! When I lived at home, my mom’s fat-talking really hurt me and my body image, and for the past four years in college, the fat-talking around me has been even worse. I hope this helps women realize that not only does fat-talking hurt them, it also hurts the women around them.

  13. Hi, I’m a 15 year old girl from Canada and I’ve suffered through two years of eating disorders.
    I remember when I first started, I just decided that everything I’d eat, I would throw up. And I did it, very well. I was then admitted to the hospital for attempted suicide (why I tried to, I can’t remember) and as soon as I was home, I was alright. I ate normally for a few days, and then I started looking in the mirror and I noticed all the weight that I had gained from being in the hospital for so long. So from then on, I restricted what I ate and made sure to eat everything that was fat free, until I learned about calories.
    Then came the actual bulimia. Now, whenever I eat, I always binge eat. I always swallow more than everyone else does and then I claim that I’m going to go take a shower and throw it all up in the toilet.

    This has gone on since I was 13. I hate it, so much and I want to get through it so badly, but I can’t because no one knows and I’m too afraid to tell anyone. I’m 5’1″ and I’ve gone from a healthy 110lbs to fluctuating between 90-95. My lowest has been 88.

    My friends always fat talk themselves and others and to me, they ask why I’m so thin, how can I eat like I do and still be skinny. And I just shrug my shoulders and say “I don’t know” when in reality, I do. They don’t.

    I want to gain weight and I want to be able to eat normally, but I know that if I do, I’ll be judged into the superficial category of “fat” or “ugly” or as my friends call it “beached whales.” I’m not afraid of being shoved into a label behind my back, it’s just that there’s some people out there who are heartless enough to say it to my face.

    Someday, every woman out there and including myself, will realize the bullshit were putting ourselves through for this unrealistic ideal of beauty is unattainable and wrong. Someday, we’ll all realize that we’re perfect just the way we’re made.

    1. Please talk to a guidance counslor at school about your issues! They can help you and will keep it confidential.

    2. if anyone has the guts to say it to your face its because they’re jealous of you, not because of anything you are. I’m sure you’re a beautiful girl.

  14. This video helped me a lot, made me think of thoughts of what I CAN DO in less than a minute. I am 13 and I can’t think positive of my looks. My dad sometimes talks down of how I look, and at school I am considered as a “weak” person just because of my weight. When I was in the 2nd Grade my parents have recently divorced at the time and I was getting picked on, I ate my way through stress and now I am 18o lbs. I never eat Lunch no matter how hungry I am and I’m taking P.E. during Summer School so I can become thinner. I found this site through GMH and I’m glad to have found it. I’m now exploring the website to help myself and others. (:

  15. i m not growing fat .i m 21 yrs old and m still tooooo slim and inmature for my age.wat is the solution to my problem

  16. I fat talk to my mom all the time. I’m going to stop right now and tell her she is beautiful, even though it’s the middle of the night. Thanks.

  17. I’ve been fat-talking since I was about 6 years old. I used to observe women fat-talking in dressing rooms when I went shopping with my mother. I was diagnosed with anorexia two years ago and I have been hospitalized at least 5 times. I have also been to a residential treatment center and a mental hospital. I declared myself recovered just a few weeks ago, but since then I have been slipping back. I used to hide food, throw up, exercise secretly, and throw food away. I just recently binged and purged this past week. I am so sick and tired of looking at myself in such a negative way. It’s terrible how I used to think it was okay for me to do this to myself. When I hear others’ stories, I feel so helpless and guilty and I just want to hug those girls and tell them to never, ever think of themselves that way.
    This site has helped me SO much. I’m showing it to all my friends and when I return to school in the autumn, I’ll be sure to post notes in the bathrooms!
    Thank you so much! (:

  18. Hi i’m a 14 year old girl in the United States who participates in fat talk a lot. I always had body issues and would compare myself to my “skinnier” younger sister. It took a toll on me when my cousain who I was fighting with insulted me “until she cries.” Which I did, after he said “She looks like she weighs 200 pounds,” “She’s so fat and ugly,” “she’ll never get a boyfriend because she’s so fat,” “if i looked like Lindsey I would kill myself.” among other things. No one understood how much this affected me and i’m lucky if 2 days go by without me repeating those comments to myself. Thank you for a website that reminds me it’s ok to be myself, to enjoy myself, and to love myself. I could have never done it on my own.

  19. I struggled with anorexia younger than most people, when I was eleven and twelve. I feel like fat talk is beginning younger and younger, and some sort of stop needs to be put to this. Thank you operation beautiful for helping in this. As for today, I have decided to live a life with absolutely no fat talk in my life. This includes just not hanging out with the people who insult other people’s bodies, or correcting them when they do. I was so uncomfortable with my body for so long, that now I’ve decided to just give myself a break and be happy with who I am.

  20. (13 years old) hi i watch the movie and it really made me think about fat talk i use to fat talk all the time and then my friend told me about this web site and it has helped me alot im tot giving my self as much fat talk.But as you site you site is sill helping me and my friend i am getting beter and i feel much beter already.


    keep up all the good work as this web site continues to help more

  21. I’m 14 and I’m afraid of what’s happening because before this year, I never cared so much about what I ate and what my body looked like to other people… I was 5’1 at around 102-103 pounds and after a vacation in Asia (the place I went, the girls were so skinny!) with some friends that always fat talk I think I’m beginning to be anorexic. I started exercising downsizing my meals and my weight hasn’t changed so much – 5’2 at about 101 pounds, but I don’t know what’s good for me anymore; I’m so confused! What do others see of people? There’s so much fat talk surrounding me, I feel like I’m lost! But I thank this site for so many reasons that can’t begin to be put into words

  22. Hai,
    I am Deepthi. I am 20 years old my weight is only 38 all are saying iam so thin $ my lover also saying the same thing pls tell the tips to become fat please….. any medicine or homely food to be fat. iam waiting for your valuable answer i want become fat.

  23. I’m fifteen and I found this site a while ago but I barely got back to it. I notice that I always fat talk because of the fact that I have stretch marks and I’m not active or have a high metabolism. I always feel bad about my body but when I read or see things telling me that I’m beautiful and stuff like that, I take it in stride. There will always be days when I don’t like my body but I will just learn to embrace it, saying that it’s only human. Being a teenager really calls your body to attention although that’s the time when it is changing most. This website is some kind of miracle for women everywhere. I want to do this for others and post sticky notes like all the other people on this website seem to do- I intended to a while ago but it slipped my mind and, to be honest, I don’t have the greatest memory. I guess what I’m trying to say, is that I’m thankful for people like these who try to make the world a better place by lifting people’s spirits and making them more confident and feel more beautiful than ever. I think that people like that are just what the world needs. Thank you.

  24. Thank you for this!!

    I have been stuggling with my body image since the second grade. Now I’m seventeen. I refuse to believe anyone who tells me I’m beautiful or “not fat”. People sometimes I meet reandomly tell me I’m beautiful but I never believe them, because I feel like ‘they feel sorry for this fat girl’. I have made my mother cry becuase she hates hearing me speak badly of myself ALL THE TIME. I hit an all time low when a few months ago, I became aware that when I wake up in the morning, I look in the mirror and see every flaw and say ‘you’re disgusting’ to myself.

    I can’t even tell you how much browsing through this site has, well changed my life. I’ve begun to think more positively of myself, and when I’m on the beach instead of staring at other girls wishing for their perfect legs, or completely flat stomachs, confidence helps me rock my bikini and I’m beginning to feel better than ever. Thank you so much. This really, really means more than you’ll ever know.

  25. I honestly don’t know how I feel about this.

    Some people ARE fat, and it’s unhealthy. I’m overweight, and it wouldn’t
    be called OVERweight if it was average. It’s not healthy to be fat, and
    those people who are fat shouldn’t be encouraged.

    Obviously there are extremes like obese people who can’t move because they’re so fat … should we call them beautiful too? No.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and people who I think are beautiful are women who are thin, but healthy. Why is it wrong to want to be thin, if I think thinner (to a point) is beautiful? What you think is beautiful, I might think is ugly …

    That video was very contradicting, and didn’t seem to have a clear point because it said to focus on HEALTH instead of WEIGHT, which is what it should be … so why then did it start talking about weight? Why is it called fat talk if it’s about health?

    I think this whole movement has the right idea about positive body image, but I don’t think it’s quite there yet.

    1. It’s about the fact that you don’t HAVE to look like something that is impossible to achieve (perfection). You can look like YOU. The healthy, happy, mentally confident version of you.

      It’s called Fat Talk because of the phrase “I feel so fat” which all women often say, regardless of their size.

    2. Vienna – Being overweight doesn’t necessarily mean being unhealthy. And “overweight” is an arbitrary term set up by doctors who follow charts and graphs instead of looking at each individual. I have a family member who is in the “healthy” weight range, yet she smokes like a train and drinks excessively. You can’t tell me that just because she falls within “normal” weight ranges that she’s healthy. And beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. There are people who think thinner is more pleasant to look at and people who think bigger is beautiful. Neither view is wrong OR right. It’s preference. No different than liking brunette hair over blonde hair or blue eyes instead of brown. EVERYONE is beautiful. That’s what this site is trying to convey. Instead of shaming people we should be telling them that they are more than just their size, their weight, their physical selves. We each have our own aspects that are lovely. It may be one’s eyes, smile, hands, legs, feet, hair–the list could go on and on. Celebrate your own unique beauty and stop trying to fit into some unrealistic and unattainable mold.

  26. Hi, I am 15 years old. I am a bit overwieght for my height and everytime I fat talk, my best friend looks really uncomfortable, now I know why, because she introduced me to this site. I love it so far and am going to start the post it notes. And I know it’s a little late for a new years resolution but I am going to stop fat talking. Thanks to a 5 minute read of this site. πŸ™‚

  27. I was looking at this website, because I think this is an excellent idea, and started to REALLY think about how much I “Fat Talk” and “is everything I say really destructive.” I realize that I am much harder on myself than on anyone. I’m 26 now, but growing up with a mother who really struggled to keep her weight down set me to up to be absolutely HORRIFIED at the idea of being “fat.” I never wanted to have children because i would become “fat” – because I felt like that was the message I was getting. I believed that when women grew up and had children, they gained lots of weight. I was one of those women who would ‘rather be hit by a truck’ then be “fat.”
    After I ihad my son, I was depressed because my weight went from 125 to 140 (on my delivery day I was 161 but lost a lot immediately after he was born due to stress). After 6 months of weighing 140 I decided to let it go — “this is where it is healthy for me” — and stopped worrying so much about it. (I know I make that sound easy ‘just don’t think about it’ and I realize it’s not. It was a lot of looking in the mirror every morning and saying “you are beautiful” to myself) I began to eat healthier because healthy food helped my depression (believe it or not, greasy, heavy foods made my mood worse!) and I drank more water because caffine seemed to trigger insomnia (which worsened my depression). I began swiimming 3 times a week because the exercise made me feel good and focused. And an amazing thing happened — I lost 20 more lbs. I am now back down to 120 – 5 lbs less than I was before. This story is important because i didn’t loose the weight when I had the “I’m so fat” thoughts in my head — only when I had a positive and accepting image of myself and was working on my life to be HEALTHY!!
    Yes, it is unhealthy to be obese, but everyone has a different weight/height/body type so obesity is different for every person. If you are healthy, it doesn’t matter what your “weight” is!! OH! And I want those teenaged girls to remember – MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT – so if you’re staring at the scales STOP!!! If you are healthy, don’t worry about that dumb number! If you are not healthy, change your lifestyle for your HEALTH not for your weight.

    1. Good for you! I so wish this website had been around when I was13 and 14 years old. I think it really would have helped me realize that I didn’t need to be skin and bones to be beautiful, and that I was making myself sick by starving myself. Granted, I was overweight before I started crash dieting, but I would have loved to have this as a motivator to lose weight the healthy way.

  28. I can definately tell you that I have a major problem with Fat Talk. So much so, that my son now says to me, “mommy, you’re too fat to wear that.” It kills me. I was small when I got married. Then I had my son and I am 187 lbs. I don’t even want to be intimate with my husband because I don’t want him looking at me. I’ll go days without eating. Then I do nothing but. My doctor is no help, he straight up says that I’m fat. He out me on diet pills that make me ill. That keep me from wanting to eat anything. Thing is, I am healthy. All my blood work is perfect. My friends aren’t aware, because I am such a motovational person to them – they’d never know how deep down inside I cringe when I see myself in a mirror. My poor family has to deal with this. I never want my son to think that a girl isn’t beautiful because she’s overweight. I know I’m a beautiful person, however, my body isn’t. I don’t know how my husband can look at me every day and not run. I’m so blessed to have him, even if he lies and tells me how ‘beautiful’ I look when I wear something I know isn’t. I’m hoping to overcome this, and I think your site is a great step. Thank you for you, and everything that you do. : )

  29. Hi. I am going to be 20 and a junior in college. My whole entire time in high school and into college I have struggled with self-image. I have done things to myself that I am not proud of, all in the name of trying to become the media’s perception of thin. When I read this article I started to get teary eyed because for the first time in my life, I actually realized I wasn’t alone and that the feelings i have about myself are shared with so many other women. Thank you for showing me the path to self acceptance and thank you for letting me know I am beautiful.

  30. I am 15 years old and since i was about 8 or 9 years old, my life has always revolved around my weight. I can’t go one day without thinking of how I need to lose weight to be more beautiful; it kills me because I’m learning to love myself and I admit that I do Fat Talk which my friends are extremely fed up with. I hate doing it but it has become a bad habit and I want and need to stop it. From now on, I’m not going to think of losing weight and whatnot but to make healthy and good choices to become healthiness to get my body in shape. I love myself and this website has inspired me to help other people believe that. *You are beautiful just the way you are.*

  31. I read about this website in a magazine and it brought tears to my eyes because I think the message that all girls and women hear on tv, magazines, etc.. is you have to be a certain size to be beautiful. I have struggled with truly believing I am a beautiful women reguardless of how much I eat and how much I exercise and how much I weigh. It is a daily struggle but I believe that this website can start a change in girls and women today! I have left a few notes for friends to let them know they are enough and that they are beautiful! Thank you for this encouraging website to empower women all over the world!!!

  32. Before I hit puberty in my early teens, I was always stick thin. I felt great about my body. I could eat whatever foods I wanted and never worry about getting chubbier. Those were the good days. When I was about 13, all of a sudden, my speedy metabolism began to slow down. I tried to go on a diet but I didn’t have enough will power. I wasn’t used to caring about what I ate, so when I had to read how many calories were in a bag of cookies, it was awful! One day I was shopping at the grocery store with some of my friends, girls and guys. I put a bunch of junk food into my cart. One of the guys said jokingly, “Wow, no wonder you’re so fat.” I was still pretty thin at the time, and he was being sarcastic, but he had no idea how fat I was feeling. I cried that night for such a long time. I hope that one day I will look in the mirror and love my body. Maybe one day my metabolism will speed up, or I’ll get more active, build stamina, and get healthier. Maybe the tooth fairy is real too.

  33. hi how are you??? i’m 15 years old .I am very fat and I do not know what to do. My father always told me, you fat and no one loves you. So that the boys laugh at me. I have loved anyone and everyone heard that The initiation of cynicism. i don’t know what to do please tell me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m very tired

      1. azhar,
        hello beautiful, i am sorry that you feel tired and unloved. i know that it is has to be hard to be 15 and overweight. you know what, when i was 15, one of the girls in my class was quite heavy and she was the most popular girl in school. she was beautful because she beleived in herself, she was strong inside and she was happy. Try and start a list of all the things you like about yourself. Are you funny? What things do you enjoy, like reading, art, music. Then look at the list every morning and add to it if needed. Also, look in the mirror in the morning and tell yourself “I love that girl looking back at me, you are beautiful” do it even if at first you don’t feel beautiful. Azhar, please, try and start to love yourself and believe that you are beautiful, no matter what your dad or anyone in school says. You are an amazing and beautiful woman, and you have a lot of courage. Let others see the beauty that you have in your heart, don’t hide it. Take care Beautiful! Have a wonderful year! ~deborah

  34. My life has been consumed and overtaken with “fat talk”.
    I’m very overweight and hate myself for it.
    I blame all of my failures, rejections, and short comings on my weight.
    And I’m sick of it. I would HATE other people for saying the horrible things I say to myself in the mirror countless times a day. I think it’s waaaaay past due for people with body image issues to start changing the way America perceives beauty.
    We are beautiful. Fat people are beautiful. Skinny people are beautiful. The people with “perfect bodies” are beautiful.
    We all have perfect bodies. It’s the only body we have, and we need to love it and take care of it and learn how to feel sexy in it.
    So yeah. I’ll start today.

  35. This post and entire website has helped changed my way of thinking a lot. I just turned 18 and have been battling with anorexia and bulimia for 3 years. I’m a lot healthier now than I have been and have stopped most of my tendencies, but I still ‘fat talk’ all the time, which is probably the worst feeling as we all know. Reading this helped me realize how unproductive this kind of talk is, and how much damage it can do.
    Thanks for the great site and helping me want to make some changes, in a healthy, positive way.
    I am beautiful!

  36. I have been reading this website all week and I love this page! I’m a 21 year old and i consider myself “in remission” from dealing with anorexia/bulimia during my sophomore through senior year of high school. Having an eating disorder has forced me to readjust my body image and I can finally be happy with my body.
    Whatever shape or size you are, all women are beautiful and strong and should remind themselves of that each and every day! Thank you for this website!

  37. Thank you so much for this website, especially this video. I’m a 20 year old junior in college, and every one of my friends fat talks. Worse, when I refrain from joining in or tell them to think about what they’re saying, they turn it on me. It’s very hard for me to be confident in my curves because they sort of happened overnight two years ago. I’m not used to them yet, especially since I used to be very athletic (I ran track competitively), and my friends are obviously not very supportive. Their favorite thing to point out is how big my boobs are, not how smart, or funny, or beautiful I am. This makes me feel worthless, and I’m really struggling to feel beautiful in my ‘new’ skin. I’ve turned to books and websites, and this is by far my favorite website. It’s so positive, and incorporates concrete facts about weight I can put my faith in. Despite my sob story, I try to wear what I want, and keep the focus on how I feel instead of how I am perceived. Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

    1. Katie, I understand how you feel! I find it hard to be confident in my curves as well but show them off because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You are created for a purpose, and why spend life worrying about how you look when you can LIVE life πŸ™‚

  38. Hi πŸ™‚

    Thanks for making this operation! I’ve posted notes on the mirror at nights for my family to see it the morning after in a long time, and I will start posting notes where women can find it.

    This article made me realize that even if I ate later than 8 PM, I’m not going to gain 4 pounds. I have to stop eating at night cause it’s not good for the body, but if I do eat at night sometimes cause I’m up all night when I’m not going to work, I have to stop by the mirror and look at myself, smile and think that I’m beautiful, not think how much better I’d be looking if I lost 40 pounds, cause this is starting to become a mental thing to me now.

    I’m 17, and I didn’t get a chance to go to school today, I work at a nursinghome if they need me there, which isnt often, so since in August, I gained about 4 pounds and no matter what I do, I can’t lose weight, but maybe if I stop thinking about it, and join my mother for a walk with my dog every day, things will get better.. πŸ™‚

  39. Hi, I’m Kaitlynn, I’m a 19 yr single mother…I used to be a thin young girl, 4’11 98 lbs, but once I hit 17 I got into some really bad habits and started to gain weight. I hated myself, so I would hurt myself. And now I have a daughter..i want to feel beautiful again. I feel like after the past few years, i forgot who I am and how beautiful I am…This site really helped me. Thank you…

  40. I found a sticky note with “You are beautiful” on it, along with this website, on a restaurant bathroom mirror. I’m only thirteen and can honestly say that every single one of my friends, including me, fat talk about themselves and others at least twice a day. This site and the video above really helped me realize how bad fat talk is, and how much it can hurt women. Thanks so much and I’ll do my best to end fat talk with my friends, family, and me. (: You are beautiful!!!!!!

  41. hey guys, just wanted to say that i feel exactly the same! I constantly criticise myself about how i look and hate looking at my body in the mirror! After watching this video I want to encourage all of us to stop the Fat Talk, because we were created by the same guy who created the whole universe! We are God’s masterpiece, and He thinks we are beautiful! God’s opinion is the only one that matters, and He loves us unconditionally no matter how we look!
    and anyway, is perfect boring?

  42. Hello, im 14 years old… and i have been struggling with obesity for many years. my family is always telling me how ugly i am, how i fail at everything i do, how i never seem to get things right… but after i read through some of this website, i started thinking; look at me, im beautiful. my grades are A’s, i have a lot of friends, i can do speeches well, and i can write music. When i was ten years old i weighed almost 250 pounds. my motivation to lose weight was simply this: lose it, or everyone will hate you. honestly, that doesnt seem to much of a healthy motivation… now i am reading this wonderful cite, and i am feeling so much more confident.

  43. This is just such a beautiful message to send to every woman out there. I am seventeen years old and a freshman in college and I’ve been fat talking with my friends practically my whole life. But I’m ending that now. I don’t want anyone to ever have to feel bad about themselves and waste their life away because of insecurities about their looks. There is beauty everywhere.

  44. Hi,
    Well, I am a fourteen year old and weigh about 185 pounds. Except, I don’t think I look 185 pounds; I really think I am attractive in my own way. But, of course, there is always someone who is telling me differently. For example, the other day my dad walks out of his room, gives me one long look and says “God, you are so fat.” I don’t understand this. Here I am thinking I am so pretty and curve-a-liscious, and my own father calls me fat. What do the other girls and guys think of me at my school? I try and compare my body with girls who may be a similar size, but I still think I am thinner, yet everyone tells me differently. HELP. I don’t want to start to think that it’s true!

    1. It’s not true. Rock what you got, focus on loving yourself, and try to be healthy. Healthy comes in many sizes. It’s hard not to listen to negative noise from other people, but if you’re happy with yourself – that is the only thing that matters in this world!

  45. I am 18, and though I am confident in who I am some days I look at how I am, being a plus size woman and wish I was thinner. It’s hard to change what has been ingrained in us for so long. I know I am beautiful. I know I am intelligent, and that I have a lot to offer, but the images and ideals set up in society make it difficult to allow these things to over rule the fact that I am plus size. This video is inspirational and want to thank you.

  46. If I want to lose 10 or 20 pounds and can do so without risking my health at all, who are you to stop me? If I would be more comfortable weighing 150 instead of 170, why is it so bad? All that this website does is tell me that I must be some sort of self-hating sheep because I want to lose weight. I don’t want to be model-thin. I just want to be fairly average. I want to be able to buy jeans without tailoring them. I want to be able to shop in any store in the mall without worrying about their clothes pulling and tugging. What’s so bad about that? If you want all women to be happy and confident, videos like this one have to stop being made. It makes me, a person who is trying to lose weight in a healthy manner, feel shallow and pathetic. Instead of trying to get women to not want to lose weight and just accept their fatness, you should be working to encourage people, both male and female, to try to reach their goals as long as their goals are healthy. If you’re overweight and healthy, and you love your body, that’s fantastic. If you’re naturally thin and healthy, even if you’re statistically underweight, you shouldn’t feel obligated to gain weight. And if you feel like you want to gain weight or lose weight, as long as you’re healthy during the process and when you reach your goal, I think you should go right ahead. But all of this “thou shall not want to change thy body in any way, shape, or form” stuff needs to stop if you really want people to be confident in themselves and how they look.

    1. OB doesn’t mean you have to look anyway or can’t strive to become healthier (and lose weight, if that’s what it means). The admin of the site (Caitlin) is actually a marathoner and loves to exercise to be fit and healthy. Self love can be about loving who you right in this very moment, plain and simple!

  47. What a great video! I couldnt believe some of the facts, my friend tori sent me to the website and wow, i feel so relieved that people really shouldnt be mannicune skinny. I somewhat struggle myself, but now i will try the self talk thing, hopefully it will help.

  48. Thank you for your inspirational and encouraging message. I am struggling with mid life, menopausal issues, depression, anxiety and a lifetime of low self esteem. I’m really trying to change my inner dialog and move on with life and allow myself to just be happy. It’s a lot of work and can not be done alone. I am so thankful for all the online resources that I have found, such as yours to give me that push to keep going, keep trying and to be positive that I can change the way I think about myself. I thank all of you that have shared your hearts and minds, we can all help one another. Hugs to you :-}

  49. i’m 17 and weigh between 145-150 Ibs. I excercise sporatically, and don’t always make the healthiest food decisions. In the past I have tried eating less, and no-fat foods, and excercising like crazy. I even tried (though never succeeded) to make myself throw up. But I know that i’m healthy and some of that weight is muscle mass. I am definatly guilty of fat talk with my friends; “our butts are so big.” “our thighs jiggle!” One of my best friends is top-heavy, but has a really great butt and nice legs… the size of my own butt is my biggest vice, but then I think, oh she must be jealous of my flat stomach and toned arms. I was recently talking with one friend who is shorter and bigger, and another friend who is very thin and athletic but has a very large cup size. The first is probably the most confident of all my friends, and the second… shared with us how when she goes shopping, she’s frustrated by tops that don’t fit her bust size. I always used to think; wow, she is so skinny and can wear whatever she wants! Now i’ve realized that we all have what we see as flaws…

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