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  1. I love what you are doing, it’s fantastic. I emailed 3M because I think they could help defray your costs with some advertising/tie-in somehow. Maybe they could print some special post-its with your site on the bottom? I wouldn’t want to take away the handwritten message, I think that’s what’s so compelling. Thanks for coming up with this idea, it’s utterly spectacular.

  2. Such an amazing idea and so go good for the self esteem of women everywhere!! 🙂 So proud of you and this site and all the women bringing joy to other women!

  3. I’m going to do this even if my school has strict rules and will probably nag about it, It will be worth it. 😀

  4. I came by this site, completely by accident, thinking it was just a question on Yahoo Answers. I read the front page(home) and i got totally inspired. See, i’m a writer. Not professional or anything (actually, ha, you’d probably laugh if you knew how old i was), but this totally just gave me an epiphany, so i was wondering if this is copyrighted or anything, like, if i wrote a book and it mentioned this or had a similar idea, would i be sued?
    I think what your doing is great, it really is. Thanks~

    1. danica your beautiful it dosnt matter how old you are if you love to wright then wright i cant speak for catlin or any one else but the mission is to spread the message so write

  5. I love the idea of OB. My girlfriend is incredibly self-conscious, and I figure this can help cure that.

    Would it be creepy that I’m a guy and I’m doing this? >> [I’m not gay]


    1. No! Not creepy at all! Amazing:) Its so great that you want to do that for your girlfriend. I would admire any guy that would participate in OB.

  6. This is a lovely idea! I’m a flightattendent for a Dutch airline and I fly all over the world. I’m going to post these notes in the lavatory’s of the aircraft so these messages will travel the globe!

  7. I got a t-shirt from the soap comany) that reads: “you’re beautiful, pass it on.” Every woman that sees it smiles:)

  8. Who every came up with idea is bloodly brillant!!! :p This was such lovely way to make people feel good about themselfs!! Way to go Caitlin <333

  9. My daughter came home from her new school and said something had happened to lift her spirits and make her day.
    A boy posted a note on her back… it said YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and then the name of this website so I looked into it.
    THANKS for putting a smile on my daughters face and inspiring these kids to positively interact with each other!

  10. I saw several notes in my dorm bathroom at Middle Tennessee State University and it makes me feel so good to know that someone took the time to make another person feel good about themselves. I’ve had the feeling that I am not pretty enough and comparing myself to very pretty girls but when i met my boyfriend ( we are planning to get married soon!) I began to push that feeling of not being beautiful enough away. He keep telling how beautiful i was everyday even when i didn’t expect it. Now i do not compare myself to other girls because i now he loves me for me. Girls that do not have a bf need to have someone to say they are beautiful because they are. Thank you for inspiring others like me to feel BEAUTIFUL!

  11. I don’t really like the idea of letting everyone about it … I think it would be best if they just find out for themselves by recieving a note…. It’s a great idea but if everyone knew about it then it wouldn’t be as special….

  12. I would really like to talk to a few girls on here about their experiences with Operation Beautiful. I am writing an article for school and any help would be appreciated. Please feel free to e-mail me at You may also message back on here, if you are interested. Thank you!

  13. Wow, your website is such an inspiration. You can take or leave this suggestion, but what about having an ‘Operation Beautiful’ playlist? Uplifting music for inspiration to girls feeling down about themselves. I know I personally have one, but this website is such a haven for young women, having one on here may make a difference in someone’s life.

  14. wow, i think this is the most amazing idea ever, but i saw this on the site (wittyprofiles) and i decided to do this so yesterday i put a sign in the girls bathrooom at my school that said ” you are beautiful, just look at yourself ” .. i went back in there today… and there was a note right next to it that said, whoever posted this thank you so much, your amazing! it made me feel good!


  15. This is awesome! Way to go out there and start this amazing act of kindness! I love the facts that you have on your website. Keep those coming, they will help me when I talk to girls who are feeling insecure, and frankly they will help me too. I plan on putting notes up too! 🙂

  16. i love it.. who would have thought something so easy and simple would have such an impact on people.. this site makes me happy

  17. I love this idea girls of every age need to have more self confidence in themselves because they are all beautiful, i started this at my school because i was tired of hearing girls put themselves down and i also managed to sneak one on my girl friends mirror and she told me it helps her every morning. You guys are great keep it up you have supporters in WYOMING

  18. I love this idea and am a BIG supporter. A few months ago, my friend’s mirror was written on my black marker. It read, “UR Beautiful” I almost wanted to CRY!!! (:

    Thanks, you’re making a difference!

  19. Hey, is this a world-wide thing? Cos I live in England and think this is a fantastic idea, but I have never seen any of these notes in England.. xxx

  20. Do you think it would be good if I put one in an elevator? 🙂 Because then boys would see.. what could I put for boys and girls?

  21. ive done this before but i didnt realize it was an actual organization!! im so starting it at my school maybe ill put them on the back of the toilet doors 🙂

    Thank you for making the world a better place.

  22. I found out about this on from the magazine Glamour when i was on their website. it’s so inspiring and i’m going to put up notess 🙂

  23. Such a good idea! I left a sticky in the bathroom at school the other day and some freshmen girls walked in and were like “why did you stick that to the mirror” and I just replied “because, it is important that you love yourself.” They didn’t really know what to say and I felt bad, but it is true 🙂

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