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  1. I love this website, i know its going to help so many people. When my friends and i heard about it, we started putting post-it notes all over the bershire mall, our own houses, and our school. we want to try so hard to get our school involved in this. it would help stop bullying and make not only girls but guys too feel better about themselves. So far we didnt post enough to make it obvious that there are alot, but we are putting them in textbooks, on bathroom mirrors, on the back of chairs, and leaving them on tables. i hope our school catches on. you have changed so many peoples lives, including mine. thank you. 🙂

    1. you just gave me the best idea ever! my friends are starting to think their fat, which they are not of course. ironically, im heavier than all of them actually…go figure! anyways im gunna leave a post-it in their history books telling them they are beautiful and dont need to change themselves to look good,because beauty is on the inside and not the out! OMG! thanks for the idea, Nikki!!!

  2. This is a brilliant idea! I have posted so many notes, that my mo is actually somewhat frusterated w/ me because I take so much time writing them in the store. So I have to write them before we go. HeeHee. Well, anyway, thankyou so much! I hope all the notes we leave make a difference. I put some on the bikini adds and on the mirrors in the dressing rooms, I came back to try on some shorts, and one of the rooms was taken! I was so excited! She left before me, so when i came out, I saw the note wasn’t there! So cool! <3 Mandy Rose

  3. Wow, the site is only a year old and already has so much press around the world! Fantastic and congratulations!

  4. Hi just to let you know that I was in France last week and left a note at a beautiful cafe, written in French with an English translation (just in case):

    “Vous êtes belle, je la vois dans vos yeux! Garder le sourire avec les dents brillantes et ont un grand jour!: D”
    “You are beautiful, i can see it in your eyes! keep smiling with those teeth shining and have a GREAT day!! :D”

    Been following your blogs for an age now and thought i’d keep pushing this message worldwide as a thankyou!! keep up the good work ’cause you are lovely! we all are! FACT. Xx

  5. This is such an awesome idea! I am going to incorporate it into my girl guide group and make a challenge out of it!

  6. Hello,
    I’m from Mexico, I saw about this site on a tv show named Fr@ctal aired on ForoTV, I love this idea and the impact it has on people’s life, it has alredy an impact on mine so I’ll follow your example by putting notes mainly in spanish (because not many people here understands english) everywhere I’ll go from now on.
    Thanks for your inspiration and let’s spread the message!

  7. this whole project is really awesome! just stumbled across it and am truly amazed!
    one little sidemark here though: wienerin is not a magazine from germany but from austria (the name meaning viennese woman).

    thank you for operation beautiful!

  8. i think that people should love who they are and not what people want them to be. i used to be unsure about my body too but now that i have support from my freinds i understand i dont need makeup!

  9. This website is fantastic already, but I think if it targeted younger people (such as those in middle school & high school), the self-hate would cease at an early age and last into adulthood.
    Anyway, my BFF and I have already posted these everywhere, and I’ve noticed other people following my steps!

  10. Hello! I found a post-it note in my school’s bathroom saying “you are beautiful. Smile today!”. Does anyone know a way I can find out who wrote this without e-mailing my whole school? I want to contact them!

    1. Perhaps leave a post-it back on the same place asking who said that. but you might get a lot of random people. Maybe the person wants to remain anonymous. The best you can do if spread on her message

  11. I absolutely fell in love with this operation the minute I found it. This video was posted on Youtube by a beauty guru that just decided to leave the beauty community and then started a new channel. I know you will love this video, so here is the link. I am going to do this at my school the second I am able to go and get some posted notes. Thank you so much for making my day, and you are so beautiful.

  12. The sixth grade teachers at my school put post it’s all over the girls bathroom and on girls’ lockers. Everyone thought that it was so nice of them to do that. Some girls even wrote their own and put them in the bathroom. Others wrote a thank you and put it in the bathroom. I thought that it was an awesome idea, and im inspired to write my own post its and put them in random bathrooms that i go in around town. Thank you so much for This wonderful idea to give women encouragment.

  13. Operation Beautiful~

    I am 11 years old and LOVE your website. I am a GOTR [girls on the run ] girl and tomorrow we are going to run a 5K together as a team. Before I get to run that, I wanted to tell you Operation Beautiful changed the way I looked at life. Thanks so much!

  14. Hey there! I’m just an average teenager and I love to make people smile. I just want to say that what you started has inspired many around the globe. I am actually going to talk to my prinicipal and a few teachers about starting a group/club based on this whole idea to make people feel great about themselves. (:

  15. I’m so glad I checked out your site; it’s so inspirational.

    By the way, that’s a pretty darn impressive list of press!

  16. im thirteen and trying to find who i am in the world. I do compare myself to the girls with long hair and pretty faces but knowing that theres something bigger thats me and im apart of something that helps me truly feel like i am pretty and everyday everywhere i go i write dont just believe RElalize u are beatiful and the more i write it think it say it i do believe it thankyou for boosting my self esteem when i look in the mirror i dont see bumps or nappy hair but i see me and im proud THankyou for you dont know what this has done for me. ill spread the word everywhere i go beacause im proud to be a BEATIFUL GIRL!!!!!!!!!!<3

  17. What a great concept. Every girl deserves to know she’s beautiful. Keep up the good work everyone, it only takes two minutes but you can make someone’s day.

  18. Love the Operation beautiful project. I recently saw a short piece about it on the Oprah Winfrey show and fell in love with the idea. In honor of “I love my body day” I wrote an article highlighting your blog on my non- profit website/ blog. The message you create with this project is so inspirational. It helped me so much. I am hoping to see some of the post-it’s here in South Africa soon but for now keep up the good work.

  19. Hi Caitlin,

    Thank you for being such a light in a world that has so much darkness. I have been in kind of a funk as of late, and not even for body image issues but accidentally coming across your blog and story has given me a boost of confidence to get out of the dungeon and make my own dreams come true. I am also a writer but not quite as accomplished – seeing someone even younger than myself charging forward and making a beautiful path for herself is inspiring to say the least. The world needs more people like yourself. Thank you.

  20. I have been feverishly posting sticky notes for months now! I am a G+ photographer and I was hoping I could get permission to use your title “Operation Beautiful” to curate a G+ page. The goal would be for G+ photographers to go out and photograph everyday women, then post one photo weekly showing the beauty of everyday women. They would, of course, get permission and tell the ladies where they can see their photo! These are amazing photographers and if these women could see the beauty in the images captured of them, well, it would certainly be a boost to my self-esteem. What do you think? I can be reached at

    1. Hi there!

      You can definitely promote Operation Beautiful as long as you link back to THANKS!

  21. My name is Sarah, I am 13 years old and i am new at this website, i found this website from a book at school that was called operation beaustiful, When i read it i felt better about myself but i also listen to a song called beausiful by: Christina Aguilera. those two things make me feel like im am perfect but in my own way. I am a new fan of this website, and i hope peole old or young, tall or small is a fan too everyone is beautiful in their own way, people just sometimes forget that

  22. hey caitlin… i am in love with post- it notes and when i heard about Operation Beautiful i was even more excited!!! I first found out about it at my school when everyday kids and teachers would find sticky notes on the bathroom mirrors…. every body was wondering what they were so I went to the website that is said to go to and i have been exploring it for almost an hour and a half!!! this has really inspired me and I just want to thank you and ask you if there is any more ideas that you could give me on where to put the sticky notes??? thanx


  23. such a big fan of this idea! i think ever woman deserves to see an OB note at least once in her life

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