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  1. just wondering if you came to canada… if you would then i would like to talk to a guidance counselor or the principle at my high school about having you give a presentation.

    you are beautiful ^_^

    1. I have no plans to come to Canada, but if you want to give them my contact info (, I can give them some more info!

  2. I cam across this website just today, and instantly fell in love with it. I have spread notes around saying little quotes that I liked, and things that I thought other people would like. I never knew that there was a whole website devoted to these things. I think its wonderful. I’m only 16, and wish that more people did this. My school is filled with so many girls thinking they’re not beautiful. And sometimes it’s hard to think that you are. But this website has made me see the actual beauty that is all around.

  3. My friend showed me this site today, and I truly think it’s amazing!
    I’m always putting myself down, but this site instantly made me feel better about myself!
    Will be uploading some pictures soon:D

    1. I absolutley love this website. However, when I post these notes at my school most of the girls hate them and rip them down so others can’t see. What do I do?

      Most of my friends at my school are always complaining about how over-weight they are, and tell me I’m super skinny. Thats why I leave them these nots to make them feel better!

      1. I would say – keep posting!! Even if some get taken down, they get through to people. Also, sometimes people take them down to keep them!

      2. I started doing that at my school too and it took awhile for people to stop taking them off the mirrors and walls but eventually they stopped and started putting up their own! I told myself that they were taking them down so they could keep the note with them all day just to make me feel better about what i was doing!

  4. Hello Caitlin, I Live on Fort Drum,Ny and was wondering if you had the time could you send me information about the conditions of you doing presentations. I spoke with my principal and he said that if you were interested then we could do it, I just have to find out what you do and if/what you charge to do a presentation. Thank you!

  5. Caitlin,
    You’ve inspired me to be able to do whatever I want to do in life. And some of the girls at my school could use some of your advice. I hope that maybe you can visit more jr. high schools, because many teens are experiencing pressure on how they look, and it’s really affecting the way that they live, and feel!
    If you think that it’s a bad idea, then you can say no, but just remember that there are girls out there who need you!

  6. i just found this site yesterday. because someone put up post it notes in the girls lockeroom. so i had to check this site out and it is amazing. i have always hated the way i looked and when i looked at the notes and this page i felt so much better about myself and i want other girls to feel the same way.

  7. Hi Caitlin!! Operation Beautiful has inspired me so much, and I’m starting a club at my school. By leaving inspiring quotes/notes in public places, and offering support to girls who need it, we can change the world one step at a time. Would you ever be able to come speak to the group? I’m from Massachusetts. 🙂
    Thanks Caitlin!

    1. Hi Lynn:

      If you want to pass on the website info and my email ( to your school principal, hopefully we can work something out!

  8. Hi Caitlin! I just recently found your website and it is so inspiring. I’m 15 years old and as you know it’s a very critical age for everyone. I was wondering if you would consider coming to Rhode Island when you have a chance? You really know how to make people feel beautiful! 🙂
    Thanks so much!

  9. Today,, I walked into my high school bathroom.
    There were tons of post-it notes with operation on them with cute little words of inspiration! I never heard of this before untill today, I dont even know who put them there! but i thought it was great!!

  10. I just needed to say thank you. I’ve been really down on myself because of my weight recently and have been busting my butt to look like that ‘perfect image’. I went to my University’s gym today to work out. Opened a locker, shoved my stuff in it and closed it. When I was finished with my workout, I opened my locker to find a post-it note stuck to the inside of the door that read “Smile, you ARE beautiful”. Your website was listed on the bottom. I felt an instant smile come across my face and sense of self-confidence. I needed to say thank you, because I really needed to hear that I am beautiful. I should have taken a picture of it, but I pressed down on the sticky part to ensure that it stays stuck up for the next girl who comes to workout can see. Thank you =)

    I will start participating in Operation Beautiful in hopes that someone else is affected the way I was.

  11. Hey, I was wondering if you came in the Bucks County area of Pennsylvania? I think that a presentation from you about this website would greatly benefit my school. I’m going to contact my principal and see if there’s any possibility to do this at my high school. There are Operation Beautiful post-it’s in my school bathrooms sometimes, and I want to spread the word to others in my school. Thanks for your time!

  12. I just found this website and it seems like a great idea to get going at my school. I think it would be a really great presentation to bring to my school too.

  13. I am a Sparks and Brownie Leader in my community. I mentor girls ages 5-9.. and I love your site! I will be using the concept in this week’s meeting on Weds. It will pair nicely with our Thinking Day theme (gender equality and supporting girls) which i have extended from one day into a whole month. I will be emailing you for info.

  14. okay, so a while ago my basketball team and i choose to have a day where we all just posted positive notes everywhere across our school. an all the girls loved it the staff in alden was very suprised by such actions, they didnt know it was us, but i reall think our highschool would benifit from knowing more about this, many kids in our high school are very critical of themselves but of everyone else too. As a participnat of S.A.D.D (students agaisnt ditructive decisions) i was asked to find out more information about this, so we can hopefully keep our club by sparking people with information on this i think it may help attract more students (to our club of 4 students) if they know there participating in somethng so big

    1. It is definitely OK for you to start an Operation Beautiful club!!! Thank you so much. Some students and teachers have created clubs at their schools, too. They get together and write notes to put in anonymous places or put them in cards or postcards and mail to nursing homes or soldiers overseas. They challenge students not to wear makeup to schools. Some groups have fund-raised for girls’ groups such as Girls on the Run or an eating disorder prevention program. We don’t have any formal thing to set up a club so its up to you!

  15. HI!
    I was wondering if you could possibly come to Kutztown Univeristy in Pa…because I’d love to meet you and hear what you have to say about natural beauty. It would really help me out!

  16. Hey ! I was really hoping you could come down to our school. I know people who cut themselves, and just tell themselves how ugly they are. I just started posting the post its and it is working really good(:

  17. I found this site about a year ago. I found it on a post-it that someone else had put up. Since then I have been trying to spread the message. For lent instead of giving up something, I’ve decided to do something; to put at least five post-its a week up. It gives me happiness to know that I am doing something for someone else. Whoever you are, just keep spreading the word.

    Remember: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! <3

  18. Whoever invented this website, thank you so much. I love this website and i’ll make a whole bunch of sticky notes and they’ll be everywhere so everyone can see it. I’ll even pass this website on to more and more people so everybody does this. What a smart but easy idea! Once again, thank you so much for creating this website!!!!!!!

  19. Hi! I’m a freshmen who is finally getting over my eating disorder and I know there are a lot of kids at my school who are struggling. I go to Arundel Senior High School in Anne Arundel County (Maryland). I was just wondering if you’d be willing to come talk to us?

    1. Pass the website and my email ( along to your principal and we’ll try to work something out!

  20. I don’t know where you are now but i love what you do and really think that you should come to my school. All the girls in my school think that looks are everything, they think that if they don’t wear skinny jeans they’ll be losers for life. I would really like you to come to my school and do a presentation. I think it would be truly helpful to most of the girls. I go to J.T.Lambert Intermediate in East Stroudsburg, PA i really hope you come. Also I will be in East Stroudsburg South Senior High School next year. Just in case you are busy and cannot make it during my junior high school year. I would really apprieciate it. Thank you and remember that you are BEAUTIFUL! <3

  21. Hi Caitlin! Just wanted to let you know I’m doing a speech in my public speaking class tomorrow about OB! I’m so proud to share this!

  22. Could you come to my school???

    It’s almost overwhelming on how much operation beautiful would help my school!!


  23. well hi my name is yasmine and i don’t if u think to come to san diego so u can give a speech on my school ?? (: thanks my school really need that positive things on them ! (:

  24. i am homeschooled. but i still find it sad that girls think they are not beautiful. i was wondering if maby you could come to Alabama and speak at our senior center. we could use your help. thanks!

  25. you should come to Australia – what you’re doing is amazing and incredible!
    we need a bit of that down here 🙂

  26. I love this site! I have started this and i sent a txt to 25 people explaining it and including the URL! I’m a 12 year old that can’t stand to see bulimic and anorexic people! Thnx for helping the planet to grow better! Everything counts!

    Smile, it looks good on you!

  27. Caitlin, thanks for coming to Ivanhoe! Your presentations with our students, parents, and community members were AWESOME!

  28. I am so going to do this! i know so many girls who have the best personality but just dont think they are pretty enough to show it to everyone. whenever someone says “your prettier than me,” or “im not pretty enough,” i always tell them, Hey there is not one flaw i see when i look at you. my bestfriend is always worrying about her looks and we have heart to heart conversations and its because she’s self concious. i tell her that she can fake it, but beauty in only skin deep. thank you Caitlin <3

  29. i would love one done around chicago il!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just found this on fb and i am starting this tomorrow and will do it at every public place i go 🙂

    1. I’m in Chicago for work right now, and I have been posting notes everywhere. 🙂 I’m already spreading the love out here!!!

  30. I was talking with my friend about sticky noting “be happy” randomly, and she told me about this, so over summer as I walk around, ever few minutes, I’ll stick this somewhere! I think it’s a great idea.

  31. Just wanted to know if these posted notes could be for everone not just women i believe this could change the world of bullying as well dont you agree?

  32. Hey, Catlin! I’m a GOTR girl, and I read your book. It felt like reading a operation beautiful note! I felt so inspired. I’m now writing lots of beautiful notes and hope to get one back! 🙂

  33. This is a wonderful website:) My sister was righting posted notes from ur website and were awesome.

  34. I found out about your website through a teen help site I found and it’s absolute AMAZING! I plan to start doing this when school starts up again, and do you visit schools? Cause that would AWESOME! 😀 Thank you so much!! ^^

  35. I found this site from my support group leader! I also saw a note in my gym right above the scale! I’m so excited you started operation beautiful! What an amazing project! Love it! I’ve already created 5 notes for the day and I’m ready to start sticking them up!!!

    Thank you!

  36. I am now going to keep post it notes in my pockets so that I can post things like this anywhere I am that people will see. 🙂 I love the idea, and the motivation you gave me to do good for some of the insecure people in this world. Thank you.
    You’re amazing, and beautiful. <3

  37. i spread the word on twitter and facebook, and a bunch of friends and me went around town nd posted notes everywhere!!!!!!!!! it was so much fun i even decorated my room with notes:))

  38. Hi i love your website 🙂

    I want to post these at my school, but do you thik there is a chance of me getting in trouble for it?

    I put them up at Wegmans, Subway, Pier 1 Imports, and Walmart 🙂 Thank you for startign this whole thing 🙂

  39. Hi Caitlin!!!
    I am going to be a freshman in highschool and would LOVE for you to come talk at my school!
    The only problem is that I live on Nantucket, an island 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod. Let me know how that would impact you coming out. Thanks sooooo much! 🙂

  40. My boyfriend recently broke up with me about three weeks ago and started dating some other girl four days after he left me… Its been really tough on me and I was even diagnosed with a severe depression. My whole life feels changed and I see him with his new, gorgeous, girlfriend everyday. It really makes me feel pretty crappy about myself.. Some advice would be great. Im stuck in a very deep hole right now..

  41. Hi Caitlin!
    In my school we have a successful club named WHO (we help others) and we always have guest speakers coming to talk to us about different topics. When my friend sent me this link, I immediatly thought about how it would be awesome if you came to talk to our club about your mission and what it stands for. I think that so many people would be interested in your message, and since operationbeautiful is helping so many people, you would be a great speaker for WHO club! My high school is in Skokie, IL (near chicago) and it would be really great if you came to talk to us. Please let me know if you are interested because then I can talk to our club sponsers and my principal! Thank you for starting this amazing operation, you have a great impact on girls all over the country!!

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