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  1. This is my first time coming across your website and I am just speechless! What a wonderfully simple way to spread love and joy to each other! I would love to discuss the possibility of having you speak at our middle school or being trained to give the presentations myself. All women need to support each other and start early on to lift each other up not tear each other down. You are doing the work of an angel! Keep it up!

  2. Yesterday I realized that my purpose is to build up and help women. Was thinking about how I could do this on a larger scale. Then I happened on an advertisement for your website and your mission. Divine intervention. I’ve armed myself with Post-It notes and some Sharpie markers and am ready to spread the word. Posted your website on my Facebook page to help build up our army. One snowflake is tiny, but multiply them and you’ve got the power of a blizzard. Let’s go, Girls !!!

  3. I came across your site today and I am so pleased that someone has started doing this. I have struggled with a bad sense of self for a long time because of the media, and the way society portrays “being perfect” based on looks. I was bullied in school because in the other kids eyes, I was “different”. It took a lot out of me, and I still resent them to this day. I had an idea for you, I was thinking you should travel the country (The US and Canada) and speak to elementary, jr. high and high schools to get the message out. It would help tremendously when it comes to bullying, sexual preference, weight issues ect. Sometimes people need to hear it, in order for them to treat people the right way. My mother always told me “do unto others as they would do unto you” and I have tried to live by that saying for most of my life. I think if you got the message out to the younger generation, it would benefit everyone in the future! 🙂 Thank you for your amazing heart and wonderful movement!

  4. I found a sticky note in the girls bathroom. i read it. and gave it to my going to do everything to put up sticky notes!!<33

  5. Im so happy you have started this because i tried doing something like this on twitter @I_amAtweenTeen but its just not getting big. You are going places. Thank you for boosting self esteem xoxo. Now im going to put up sticky notes <3

  6. I’m a middle schooler and I found one of these in the girls bathroom. I think that’s amazing that a kid like me would do something like this 🙂 it’s very sweet.

    1. I found one in a bathroom and I was so happy because I was having a really bad day. Now I try to say one everyday because I’m not allowed to put them up in bathrooms at school.

  7. Hello. I came across this website from Witty Profiles where someone spread the word about it This is just an amazing way to give girls inspiring messages they need throughout the day, I would love if I was about to cry to go into a bathroom and see such a lovely note and it would brighten my day. I’m going to try this tomorrow at school. I just hope I don’t get caught, but it’s owrth it.

  8. Found one of these notes at my work. I thought the note was rather nice and saw the web address so I looked it up. Great idea!

  9. I heard about this from a close friend, and like Shadow, am about to do this at my school. I’m terrified that someone will catch me, but courageous that it will cause a movement and make the mirror end up covered in post-its.

    1. I have the same feelings, I want to do it at my school but I am afaid someone will catch me ( not that they would be mad, but still). I think i will “attack” my stack of post-its tonight though, because something should be changed about girls disrespecting their self image. 🙂 I’m excited!

      1. Put it in the stall or get out of class in the middle of class if you’re worried, that way either no one will see you and you will have a captive audience 🙂 or you will just have personal space to put up your note.

  10. I am in an elementry school and im in a class called “Girls on Track”.It is suppose to help us know that we dont need to change the way we are to be beautiful and succesful,it is suppose to teach us that we are beautiful just the way we are.Well today are “Girls on Track” teacher showed us this website and about the sticky notes and putting them in public places like the bathrooms,well she had a lot of sticky notes and so me and my friends in this class went around the whole school and put a bunch of sticky notes every where like in the hall way,on clocks,on doors,in the bathrooms (but not the boys bathroom)and we put all kind of stuff on them like you are 100% beautiful and dont you forget it.Now im going every where in pupblic places and putting sticky notes in bathrooms and writing things like dont change yourself be yourself and other nice things on them.

  11. Me and bryanna are in the same girls on trackand our school is across the street from a Tops store and after school I went there and posted one in the bathroom. This lady that I didn’t know was in there came out with a smile on her face and the note in hand. : ) <3 . Now I really cant stop I <3 it!!!

  12. me and my friends bryanna and tayol all go to the same school. We are in the club called “Girls On Track” it is a very incourgeing group that has helped a lot of girls in our school there are notes made by me and my friends Bryanna and Taylor that say “you are 110% beautiful and dont change for ANYONE you are more beautiful then you will ever know love your self!!!” i have leared a lot about how girls now a days are strugling with bullys now a day and i dont think any girl no mattter what size or shape should the be bullyed i love the idea of the sticky note i put them evey were to make young girls feel more beautiful and love them selvs. it is amazing how you have made sooooo many girls feel better of them selves. thank you

  13. I am only 14 years old, but i have been apart of Operation Beautiful for about 3 years now. It has really helped me. I have been Trying to stop the negitive talk too, even before I started Operation Beautiful. I have Officially rand Out Of Sayings!!!!!

  14. Hey Guys!

    I’ve been leaving Operation Beautiful inspired notes for a while now, and the other day I found one in a library book I was reading, it made me feel amazing not only because someone was lovely enough to write me a note, but I was also extremely excited that this website has spread so far! I just wanted to say that everyone participating in this is beautiful yourselves! Everytime you leave a note you should feel incredible because you are a genuine person! And thankyou Operation Beautiful for making me feel like I may have made someone smile! 🙂

  15. my school star of the sea is doing operation beautiful and i got really excited when i found a yellow sticky note on my locker. it said if i were you for a day i would look in the mirror all the time. the rest of the day i couldn’t wait to do something special. in the end i made a hole pack of plain sticky notes into to a pack of beautiful sticky notes and…. I put a note near my mothers bed sayng pick up the notes as you go and they had little lollies on each and every sticky note said something different at the end of the path i had dinner and a bunch of red roses for her!!! she started to cry and thanked me i think i was really proud of myself I AM SO BEAUTIFUL IN THE HEART!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Wow that’s amazing 🙂 except Houyhnhnm forgot to say EVERYONE is beautiful too lil but tugs sweet

  17. you see at my school its alot different i am in middle school and im 13 and im only a size 12 im supper skinny but i dont starve myself i just have a really high matabalism i am very confident but my confidence level started to go down when i got to middle school because at my school all people care about is id u have a super big but and super big boobs 🙁

    1. you are beautiful just how you are. don’t worry what anyone thinks of you. just know you are loved by every single one of your friends. they would do anything for you. don’t ask them. i know you know. don’t ever forget who you are. a star. a bright, beautiful, shining star.

  18. today is the first day i saw this. i went into the bathroom and on the mirror was a bunch of sticky notes and it just made me feel god inside!!!!!!

  19. hey! i see sticky notes on the mirrors of our bathrooms at skwl all the time!! i love the thought and caitlin is a very magnificent person for coming up with all this1 i used to have issues of my own and was put into a mental faculity…but i saw sticky notes with touching sayings on them and i fell in love with it! thank u God bless u!!!!!

  20. Chloe,
    I promise you that you are beautiful and those girls who seem to make fun of others are very insecure themselves. THEY need these notes too. They don’t know it, but believe me they do. Start sticking the notes inside bathroom stalls. Don’t ever put your own body down because of someone else’s opinion.
    All of us older women (I am 56) know that you are, and will be the most beautiful woman, and it all starts as soon as you become proud of the current you. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL CHLOE.

  21. Heyah! My names evie & I have just come across this site, I have been looking through it & I think the site is really positive to help boost girls self esteem, I know what its like to have hardly any confidence, & no self esteem, I am 13 at the moment & I was diagnosed with anorexia when I was 12, my life has been a downwardspiral since then, & I have become quite unwell & unhappy at times, I am trying to recover, whilst getting the therapy I need, & this site has given me a little bit more to hope for, thank you very much 🙂

  22. Tomorrow, I will be heading to Tennessee for a CIY (Christ In Youth) conference for high schoolers. I decided that this would be a good chance for me to spread the word. I’ve spent 2 hours writing on sticky note after stick note. I’m going to put them up in restrooms on the way there (since im driving from Texas) in random places and all over the girls dorms when I get there.

  23. Recently I put up sticky notes that said the following

    stop being lazy

    get back to work

    eat meat

    go to church

    no drinking while breastfeeding

    I feel great about myself for posting these notes. I know the trick is working.

  24. While I know this site is geared towards adolescent and teen girls. Operation Beautiful is an amazing premise to build self esteem for women of all ages. After years of being torn down, grown women experience the same self esteem issues of young girls (drilled in for decades) Spreading the message to all women, from 5 to 500, is a noble cause. I’d love to see some of these post its feature a share button for web sites like facebook. Just the other day I had a woman I went to school with post about everyone tearing her down, telling her she’s fat, ugly, imperfect. I wanted so badly to share the post it about the definitions of beautiful with her and couldn’t.
    Any future plans to enable this feature?

  25. i have found them on my locker and they are all inside my locker so when ever i open my locker i see the nice things people say this is a great why make people smile keep it up and keep smiling

  26. So i came across your site today, and im speechless!!! I loved it. I couldnt tell you how many times girls in my grade will tell me there to fat to skinny, or how much they hate the way they look. Now that i see what a change Operation Beautiful has made in peoples lives I’m going to defintely going to start something when school starts again Tuesday. Caitlin I have so much respect for everything that you’ve done for girls all over. Operation Beautiful helps girls across the world build self esteem. I think thats really important to because last year i was one of those people, but over the year i began to care less and less about how I look. I cant wait to get my school involved!!! <3

  27. i found a sticky note walking out of the walmart in cordele last night .this is what it said ….if you are lucky enough to be different dont ever change . at the bottom it says taylor swift . i read that and took the note with me i have been thinking about that all day.nice and heartfelt .i am gonna pass it to my boyfriends niece tomorrow.

  28. Dear Caitlin, what your doing here, I truly think is beautiful! I’m on my schools student council, and I had learned about at this student conucil summer camp! We are recently starting operationbeautiful at school! I think it will be a great thing for the student council to do! Thank you for starting something that will make a big difference in everyone’s lives! Thanks again, Madison 🙂

  29. Hey thanks for starting this, for one because the world needs this. I see this site and most people just say girls but it guys as well that need this, I’m a big guy and this helps. I’m going to start posting stuff everywhere to help people as well.

    Thank you for starting this and thank you Peter Hollens for bringing me to this site.

    Hope this goes great and still continues through 2013 and forever, because the world needs this.

  30. I have been doing this for a couple weeks now at my school. Its a great feeling each time I post one. I see people walking around holding them with a smile on their face. My friends come up to me yelling look what I found yet they have no idea I’m the one that put it there. I leave them all over the place like in textbooks before I turn them in for the next group or on the desk.I love this and not only does it make others feel better but It makes you feel better too! 😀 Smile your Beautiful!

  31. today the book was in my class so i picked it up just loved the idea so at lunch i i put one in the change,bathroom and class i feel great about it and hope someone finds them

  32. Today is the first day I came across your website. I was in the bathroom, when I saw these girls looking at post-it-notes on the windows. I looked at them and thought ‘awww…’ It really made me happy to see them. I live in Ireland.

  33. I just came across this, and i love it. I know many many girls at my high school who are anorexic and bulimic. My mission tomorrow is to put these up. I just texted my best friend to help me out, and she said she is totally up for it. I’m super psyched and scared for the result. However, if it just changes one persons way of thinking, that is already a person…:)

  34. I am absolutely in love with this. I have been doing this since my friend told me about it. I live in a college dorm so this is the perfect thing. I have a meeting with my RD on monday to talk about every thing to make sure I am allowed to post things around the building, although I have posted sticky notes and “you are beautiful” in every girls bathroom! I plan on having a program towards the end of the year about operation beautiful. This is truly amazing!

  35. This is so motivating! I think I’m gonna put notes in the girls lockers at school. Just so they know someone cares about how they feel about themselves. Thank you for inspiring me to do this. I love you greatly.
    Thank you,

  36. i put up notes that say…
    hey there smexy!
    you are beautiful no matter what they say!
    hey there beautiful!
    …and all other stuff. this is making me feel good and i hope it does with others to i love this, nice job coming up with this thank you.

  37. Hey! I ? this website! I like the positive notes. I always find sticky notes on the bathroom stalls and mirrors at school. And everyone wondered who it was. Me and my friends Madison and Kai-Li found out who. It was our friend Raylie. So we all started Operation Beautiful in our school. When no one was in the bathroom we would bring the sticky notes to the bathroom and hang them in stall and mirrors. We would put positive thoughts about everyone! ?

  38. Hey! I love this website! I like the positive notes. I always find sticky notes on the bathroom stalls and mirrors at school. And everyone wondered who it was. Me and my friends Madison and Kai-Li found out who. It was our friend Raylie. So we all started Operation Beautiful in our school. When no one was in the bathroom we would bring the sticky notes to the bathroom and hang them in stall and mirrors. We would put positive thoughts about everyone! <3

  39. Omg. Yesterday, when me & my friends walked in the bathroom after Science Class….. we saw that….. almost ALL of our sticky notes that we put up where in the trash ripped up! 🙁 We got mad ’cause n the morning we have social studies and we spent the whole hour making the nice comments! So, then we desided to make about 100 on the weekend and fill the whole bathroom with those nice comments again. 🙂

  40. I did lots of notes, but people started asking if it was me. I didn’t want anyone to know, and only my BFF knows. So I kinda stopped doing them. I’m usually not the only one in the bathroom, so that makes it kinda hard, too. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Should I use different handwriting?
    Please help!!!

    1. If you don’t want anyone to know it’s you, make the notes ahead of time! I put them everywhere, from airplanes to public restrooms. I always have a notepad and pen with me and a pile of notes in my bag:) That way, I can just pull one out and discretely put them up. Good luck!

  41. I’ve just begun my research into how I can do something to prevent other young women from becoming bulimic. My daughter passed away on July 16, 2013 in her sleep from cardiac arrest. My best estimate is that she had been fighting bulimia for approximately 7 years. In my wildest imaginations I would never have expected my 22 year old daughter to expire due to low potassium and a weak heart. I believe the root cause was a self-esteem issue. My daughter earned high marks in high school and in a CA University graduating with a BS. She was also an accomplished athlete. She just didn’t have the tools and training to overcome this problem. This should’ve never happened. From her father.

  42. Just wanted to say your website and organization are awesome! I am a graduate clinical intern at a small university in Pennsylvania and introduced your website to our counseling services director and my colleagues. They love the concept and we are going to try to do an Operation Beautiful themed week in February in conjunction with all of our body image/eating disorder events. If we can pull it off, I will be sure to submit some pictures!

  43. Ms Stefania Restagno, I have read and was inspired by the article regarding your project of positive thinking., I am part of a group of 14 individuals in a alcool-drug rehad program. Some days are more difficult than others and some bitching does go on at times. To the group I read the article from the Gazette. It help our day to be more pleasant and caring among us. Merci !
    Jean Marc

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