More Love for the “Flaws”

8 thoughts on “More Love for the “Flaws””

  1. I have a huge birthmark on my thigh. Its really dark and bigger than my hand. People always ask me about it when I wear a bathing suit, because I usually never wear shorts short enough that you can see it. I’m now trying to wear whatever shorts I want, because I shouldn’t have to hide who I am. I totally related with your article(:

  2. From the way you always talk about yourself, I figured you were really heavvy and not the best thing to feast my eyes upon in the room. But when I saw those pictures, I realised how wrong I was. You are extremely pretty. I don’t see a tint of ugly anywhere on you…

  3. You are adorable! You look so strong in that picture! Keep it up girl! I can tell by that smile you’re proud and I’m proud for you as well! Reading your story uplifted my day. 😀

  4. I do not think your arms are fat at all. I think you look great in that tank top and you completely rocked it! You should wear shorter sleeves more often.
    You are BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

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