5 thoughts on “Monday Notes – October 4, 2010”

  1. Oh my gosh. That first note looks exactly like the note I posted about a month ago. Maybe it is just my imagination, but either way its cool!

    ps. I think you should look at today as a GREAT day Caitlin. I think good things will come from this. This site is epic.

  2. I think that this post touches on something important–when we’re leaving notes in women’s bathrooms and other random places, it wouldn’t hurt to leave them on the doors to men’s bathrooms or atleast make some of them gender neutral. “Sir you’re incredible–operationbeautiful.com” maybe. Men have as many self-confidence issues as women do, and our society has as warped a sense of what a man should look like as it does what a woman should look like. Just something I’ve been thinking about.

  3. I was on the bus yesterday, on my way to the dentist my most HATED of all doctors. I was sitting next to a girl with a beanie and a cute white dress on.

    I had some post-its pre-written for just such an occasion and I reached across and stuck a heart post-it that said “You Are Beautiful!” on her bag.
    The smile that lit up her face made the dentist that much easier.

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