2 thoughts on “Monday Notes – October 24, 2011”

  1. We are light, we were born beautiful
    We were meant to be more
    Than these shadows of girls.
    They cut us down to size,
    Afraid we’ll change the world.
    But we’ll fight for your right
    To be beautiful girls.

    If every girl could see her beauty we would be an army.

    We are a thousand voices strong,
    We are each girl who sings this song,
    We are a beauty that’s our own
    And we are, and we are,
    So beautiful.

    So Beautiful, Superchick

  2. I walked into the girls’ bathroom today and on the door to the stall, I found this very touching note. It was so sweet. It said, “You are amazing! Pass the love!” with the operation beautiful web address on the bottom. This is a great idea and thank you so much for giving the people at my school the idea to do it!

    Love this Lots,

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