3 thoughts on “Monday Notes – November 7, 2011”

  1. Chelsey,
    I LOVE what you are doing. Inner Beauty Club…you are changing lives!! To show girls at your age what true beauty is….I hope your club continues to grow…and your message can spread to other schools!!! As I watch my nine year old niece put herself down…I know my words of encouragement only mean so much. To hear them from her peers I believe would carry much more weight. So THANK YOU for what you are doing!!

  2. I love this sight. i post operation beautiful notes all the time. I even wright them on my mirror. This is something amazing that change peoples lifes and the way they look at themselves

  3. To Chelsea,
    You have a kind and beautiful soul. What you have started has inspired me to ask for permission to start my own branch of your Inner Beauty Club at my own high school of about 1700 students. Wish me luck!

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