3 thoughts on “Monday Notes – May 17, 2010”

  1. Rose-
    Sweetie, you are so beautiful. I also, know many people who have similar stories. If you have a Facebook, and need help or feel there’s no hope. Turn to a TWLOHA group, I’m in two of them. They have helped me so much, in getting through. People judge what they fail to see, and are quick to stereotype. But on TWLOHA, we love all and judge none. 🙂
    Your scars make you who you are, and you are beautiful!
    My scars have made me stronger, and beautiful. <3

  2. Rosie,
    You. Are. Amazingly. Beautiful.
    I know the pain of abuse; My mother often had bad days of work and I was therefore punished. I finally turned to self-harm and I know what it’s like to pull the sleeves down and feel ugly because of the only way you can get rid of that hurt. I know the pain that depression causes and how much it wears away at you. Kenzie is right; To Write Love On Her Arms is an amazing organization for people with depression and self-harm.
    You are loved and are a strong, amazing, beautiful woman.
    Forever & Always,

  3. Yay superchick! I love Anon’s notes-campuswide! Rose- Amen. We are all beautiful! 🙂 Battle scars…not self- inflicted scars of anger. I wish I had your school’s support, Tiffany. I like the usage of tape…

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