4 thoughts on “Monday Notes – June 7, 2010”

  1. So amazing posts today.
    Anonymous, your story was beyond words. I do not know what to day, other than that you have my support and without knowing you, I can tell that you are incredible strong. Believe in yourself, never forget how beautiful you are. How unique. Your story shows how important it is to be seen, that people listen to what other say. Not just listen, but that they care. Ask. Don’t just continue to live, but stop and use their ability to show love and concern for other.
    Wish you, and all the other, everything good.

  2. Hello, my name is Lauren, and I just turned 13 a few weeks ago. I’m the outcast with my group of friends. I pretend it doesn’t bother me when they leave me alone in the pouring rain to hang out with eachother. One of the girls has been my very best friend since fourth grade, and I feel her slipping away from me, wondering if she ever liked me to begin with. I’ve been feeling like I’m not good at anything, and everyone else is so much better at being “me” than I am. I think often about how my mom and dad can save money if I wasn’t around. A few months ago I would burn myself with a hot glue gun to try to escape the pain, and when I attempted suicide, my friend said I was “being a drama queen, looking for sympathy” and that I “crave attention” Sometimes I think I’m going to do it just to prove her wrong. I’ve been getting stronger recently, and I haven’t burned myself intentionally with my glue gun in monthsI found Operation Beautiful and now I’m using this to cope with my struggles and it makes me feel happier.

    Thanks, Operation Beautiful, for everything.


    1. Please reach out to someone about your struggles with self-harm. To Write Love on Her Arms is a great website, I hope it helps you. Check it out.

  3. Hey Lauren, I hope you continue to get better. Prove them all wrong by making it through! twloha.com is great.

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