5 thoughts on “Monday Notes – June 28, 2010”

  1. I was at a Kroger in Galloway, Ohio and. I walked into the bathroom and saw two notes. One on the mirror and one on the stall. I was with my boyfriend and I felt like I looked like crap. When I read the notes it made me happy and made my day because I was feeling like crap because I didn’t have any make-up. Thank you to who ever did it. You made my night a whole lot better.

  2. On Sunday July 4 2010 I will be leaving the US for England. I premade a bunch of sticky notes for the plane.

  3. aww caitlin i hope you come to london and post them up here :]
    i’ve never seen an OB note here :[
    although im hoping to get it going over here 😛

    1. I went to England over Christmas Break and posted a ton 🙂 Hehe Post some of your own notes up too and send them to me!

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