5 thoughts on “Monday Notes – June 13, 2011”

  1. Hi! I love Operation Beautiful. It rocks! I left a saying with my bro’s chalk on a busy street saying “UR BEAUTIFUL!” I went biking with my friend the next day and asked her if she saw it. She said yes. She asked me if I did it, and I said, “Um… wasn’t me!”

  2. I am actually really excited to see that there is someone else in WA leaving notes around! 😀 I’ve left a couple in my school, some in the local shopping center and some other odd ones around the place. If I had of found those notes, I would have been very happy, so I’m hoping that they brighten someone’s elses day too 🙂

  3. I read this website and a few days later after creating my blog about it, i found one in my school bathroom. i had a pic of it but my sis deleted it (she thought it was stupid) well just thought i would share. i like the ones you guys have up there!

  4. I found an operation beautiful note in a restroom a few weeks ago and it really made my day. Ever since I have been posting notes in restrooms and other places where they are sure to be found to bless others(:

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