3 thoughts on “Monday Notes – July 5, 2010”

  1. I posted some OperationBeautiful notes in the park. No sticky notes, just paper covered with scotch tape, but they were sweet. Like “Smile, Beautiful. It makes you even more lovely. You are amazing! http://www.operationbeautiful.com” and “Who’s that beautiful girl reading this note? Why, it’s you!”, as well as one I sort of stole from another person here “Be true to yourself because those who mind don’t matter (Read: are idiots with no brains) and those who matter (Read: Best Friends) don’t mind”. Also, I put “If you’re gorgeous and you know it read this operation beautiful poster. Oh, wait, you did” and my personal favorite “If anyone lies and says you’re not beautiful, slap them down then tell them about OperationBeautiful. Spread the love” I love doing this. It’s my first time, and it’s really a great thing you’ve got going. Keep a smile.

  2. The formspring one is mine! :]
    I feel like I’m doing some kind of good. Thank you, Caitlin!

    We are all beautiful!!!

  3. I loved this story on the morning show today. I feel like you did about body and beauty issues. I am not into makeup and people say stuff behind my back all the time. Why doesn’t she wear makeup? Why doesn’t she dress up? It is not me! I also have eczema so it is hard to wear makeup at times. I feel like I let my husband down. I told him I don’t like makeup and I think deep down he wishes I did. I am harder on myself than everyone else at times. These issues have been with me since childhood. I was picked on all the way through school. I went to college and I tried to overcompensate by joining too many clubs and not focusing on my studies. I am still plagued with issues even now in trying to get a job in the schools. I feel like I am the one that messes up the interviews on purpose since I have no confidence in my ability to be a teacher. I know the items they ask me about then I go blank. I cannot remember one thing I need to tell them. I have all kinds of things going for me and I mess them up every time. You gave me hope for a brief moment today!

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