11 thoughts on “Monday Notes – July 12, 2010”

  1. AHH!!! those t-shirts are awesome!!!! I’m the only one in my town that posts notes for operation beautiful, so the t-shirt would be an awesome way to spread the word!!

  2. Those t-shirts really are fantastic! I would also love one, would really help to spread the word even further.

  3. Caitlin I think you might have a genius marketing idea on your hands. 😀 Also that cute as these hamsters note is the sweetest note I’ve seen in a while.

  4. I love this!

    I stumbled upon this site through someone else’s blog. And I’m so happy to see something like this going on.

    I’m going to definitely start taking part in this!

    Remember – There could never be a more beautiful you.

  5. i want a t-shirt tooooo 😉

    black please!

    cant wait to hear more … i have begun posting ! pics will be on their way..

  6. It’s funny, just yesterday I was thinking about an identical (I swear!) nasty note someone left on my car about my parking one day in Chicago years ago that still bothers me in the way little negative thoughts float to the service from time to time. My kids and husby countered it by leaving nice notes on my car whenever they could for a while. And yesterday I’d had this thought of leaving nice notes on people’s cars when I like their bumper stickers – and then I stumbled on this site! What a coincidence – I’m definitely going to join this project. Thanks for doing this!

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