7 thoughts on “Monday Notes – February 15, 2010”

  1. I was so moved by Bridget’s story. It took me back many years ago when I was the “fat girl” in school. Bridget, I am so sorry that you had to go through that. Your change in attitude is so admirable. I have no doubt that you are indeed a beautiful young woman who will go on to positively influence others so that they too will end the fat talk.

    I commend you Caitlin and Operation Beautiful for providing a forum for sharing these stories and the opportunity to express positive messages about not only our bodies but also our minds, our lives and our relationships.

    I live in a small town in Western Massachusetts which has gained some unfortunate notoriety recently after a high school girl took her own life. It is possible that excessive bullying may have played a part in her decision to end her young life.

    It’s not only time to end the fat talk. It’s time to end the bad talk all together. The old “sticks and stones will hurt my bones, but names will never hurt me,” was always easier said than done. Words do hurt!

  2. I go to UCF and I just got a campus wide email that you will be coming to speak! I got excited when I actually knew exactly what they were talking about!:)

  3. I saw the display at the Lululemon store at Legacy Place in Dedham last night! I took a picture with my camera phone in case no one had let you know about it yet. 🙂 I told my friends that I read your blog and I thought it was really cool that the store had done up such a large display! We each found a post-it on the window that we could say we “wrote”. It was interesting to see notes that represented us in a positive way!

  4. I just found this site yesterday, and I can’t stop looking back through the older posts… the notes and the stories are so amazing. Bridget- your story is wonderful. You sound like a strong, intelligent young lady. Hugs to you.

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