2 thoughts on “Monday Notes – December 6, 2010”

  1. hi i am a student at Eastbrook and me and a couple of my fiends were looking on ur website and we thought it would be cool start something like this in our school where we make t-shirts and everyother tuesday we were NO make-up what so ever to help girl build confidents! I am one of thoes girls who looks at the bad things about myself and not the good things. And i think it could help me and other girls !
    -Kirsten 🙂
    I am also a girl that is afraid to come to school without make up, and i think that if we do this it would help us and inspire other girls too, that every girl is beautiful in her own personal way. How much would it cost to have a presentation for our school, to have someone come and give a presentation and talk to the girls about “Redefining Beautiful”??? –Daynarra(:

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