2 thoughts on “Monday Notes – December 5, 2011”

  1. There’s a lot of people who aren’t really that noticeable either way, when it just comes to looks. They end up getting noticed by the way they act. Like, if there’s this girl who’s being rude, and frowning, and basically acting like a snot, I’m not going to think to myself, “Wow! What a pretty girl!” I’m going to be thinking to myself “What a brat.” But if the exact same girl was smiling and happy, and then looked at me and said hello, I’m going to think “Wow! What a nice girl. You know, she’s got really pretty eyes.”
    I think that should be true of all of us, no matter how you look. It’s great to be pretty on the outside, but we should let our actions speak louder. Know what I mean?

    Apologies if this sounds too preachy or corny. I’m just trying to get my thoughts out.

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