2 thoughts on “Monday Notes – August 16, 2010”

  1. This mornin after I dropped my 14 yo son off at school (only his second day….he has always been homeschooled) I drove to the park! I was listenin to klove n heard bout operation beautiful! It is an amazing idea n I plan on takin part! See I think myself apalling! I have a history of eating disorders, cutting, alcohol, n various abuses. All my life I have felt I deserved what happened to me! I am workin on liking that woman I see in the mirror but most days I still hear the voice that screams all the garbage! I hope somehow the notes I leave can make a difference in another woman’s life! Scars r beautiful look at Jesus! Stac

  2. After reading all these posts and seeing that there are so many many many other woman struggling with the same warped ideas of self worth based on body image………. I want to pray that we all believe in our hearts that God made us to be who we are for a specific reason. We can refine what he has made, but we ARE HIS !!!

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