10 thoughts on “Monday Notes – April 5, 2010”

  1. Wow- all these people doing great things! Makes me smile! You all are BEAUTIFULLY AWESOME! I’m going to see “The Last Song” with a friend and I’ll leave some there! Too bad I don’t have a camera yet.. My old one’s broken and well, old. I’ll buy a new one soon! Wish me luck! (I’ll get my friend to help me too! Look for an update)

    Oh, also I downloaded “So Beautiful” by superchick and I’m thinking if starting a petition or blog-or both called “Superchick’s Operation Beautiful Army” since a lyric is “If every girl could see her beauty we would be an army” Look for me! (I’ll link to it if it’s up)

  2. I made it on the website!!!
    So exciting!! I feel famous now! haha!!
    Spreading the love is amazing and helps me to feel good on the inside! Exercise and eating right is important but so is giving back and sending love to others. TRUE health in in the mind body and spirit. Often we get so caught up in the BODY part of this equation the mind and spirit suffer.
    Writing my blog and reading blogs like this FEED and EXERCISE my mind and spirit. They need to be exercised and nourished just like your body!! 🙂 🙂

    Thank you Caitlin for starting this great initiative!!

  3. Those Easter eggs are a wonderful idea!! I love when people find ways of spreading the love in creative ways!

  4. Came across this site from a friend’s site – and had to leave a positive comment – this is such a fabulous concept – and I hope to extend it to not only women but everyone – all of us seek the same things – to be loved and accepted unconditionally – and it starts with loving and accepting myself! This put a smile on my face today and I’m spreading the word!

    We are all limitless individuals filled with infinite possibilities…have fun! Poppy

  5. I think that what you are doing, and no doubt achieving, is absolutely beautiful in itself. I am definitely going to blog about this and let others know that they are beautiful. 😀

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