3 thoughts on “Monday Notes – April 25, 2011”

  1. My cousin and I posted a whole slew of notes at Ikea on Saturday. A few got taken down by the staff (Pfffft, silly staff!), but I saw a bunch of people smiling.
    Next time we go, we’re thinking about putting one note on every mirror we see. A little insane, considering the amount of mirrors, but I think it’d be totally worth it.
    You know, I just realized that we didn’t post a single note in an actual bathroom. Goes to show how much fun we were having!
    We had the time of our lives, and I’m pretty sure my cousin is hooked. Even the youngest cousin was getting into it (Poor thing – he got dragged around the store for hours while we posted notes.).

    “If beauty is light, then you outshine the sun.”
    Keep on shinin’!

  2. I covered the mirrors in a bathroom at my school, it looked fantastic at the start of the day. It got trashed, but I hope it made somebody’s day

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