6 thoughts on “Monday Notes – April 11, 2011”

  1. All month I’ve been posting notes, I can’t take pictures because I’ll get caught with my phone, but I saw a girl find one and she joked about how “lots of people think she’s beautiful and talkented” and threw it away after everyone was done with it. But, I know it must have made her at least smile when she found it. 🙂 keep on smileing, and letting the world know you shine <3 🙂 <3

  2. I posted around school about 5 of them so far and the first one people wrote nasty things on but the others made people smile and a lot of people talked about them so i was very happy i hope this made someones day and i am going to post more next week and around stores and stuff. 🙂

  3. Just remember that behind every big personality, everyone popluar, beautiful, talented girl who thinks she’s perfect is insecurity. At the end of each day, without her group of friends and adoring boys, she has to look herself in the mirror and face her own inner demons. YOUR NOTE may have made that moment easier for her. SHE may have just tossed it, but I think your efforts are self-less and amazing, and I KNOW you, yes YOU!, are a beautiful person.

  4. In my life no ever tells me im beautiful… im always the one who is picked on my friend always says stuff she thinks is funny but im actually sad :[ but this site made me feel beautiful

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