Magazines vs. Reality

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  1. ladies, thank you so much. operation beautiful has made a huge impact on my life. when the fillipino hamilton story broke, i blogged about it. as someone who struggles with an eating disorder it especially upset me that ralph lauren would even dare to THINK of making her look anorexic. they were obviously trying to get rumors started about her, i will never buy any of ralph lauren’s products ever again. (not that my plus size body could fit into any of their clothes, but that’s not my point.) i think every woman should boycott the company untill they get it through their thick heads that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated by the public. it would be nice if they’d someday start to make clothes for those of us who are bigger than a store maniquine, but i’m not expecting miracles from a company that perpetuates eating disorders.

  2. Whenever I see ads with super gorgeous girls now, I just know that they are all airbrushed and photoshopped. Not even professionals look like that!!! 🙂

  3. When you hear about influential designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Ralph Lauren telling women what they should and should not look like, yeh, its depressing, but its also RIDICULOUS! Once again, its men calling the shots… they’re not just designing the clothes anymore, they’re designing the world’s perception of the female (and male) form! What I want to know is, why the MODELS stand for it, sure, I bet they love being thin, but surely they now at first hand that they don’t have healthy lifestyles, and that that photo WAS airbrushed… if models keep supplying designers with this image, why would they ever change?? 🙂 x

  4. It’s not that models aren’t ‘pretty’. They are. But so are average sized girls, plus sized girls, and everything in between. This website is so amazing, but lets not make it so that skinny people become hated… EVERYONE is beautiful. NO MATTER WHAT SIZE YOU ARE. Size 00-40 we are all amazing <3

  5. thank you for also saying that naturally skinny ppl are also beautiful…i am naturally skinny, and i don’t think a lot of ppl realize we can have poor self-images too! i wish everyone realized just how beautiful they really are, no matter their size!

  6. Everyone is beautiful, it’s the media that publishes these ridiculous images that exaggerate that false image of “perfection”. I had an eating disorder two years ago because I didn’t have the flat belly that all models have and a recent doctor’s appointment had revealed that I was about 5 lbs. overweight. In a highschool ruled by football players and cheerleaders, that’s basically a living nightmare. So I stopped eating, and then I started having chest pains related to anxiety, and one day I literally collapsed when I got home. It was not fun.
    So when these designers say that skinny models are what people want and make fun of us who aren’t the little skeletons that they put on their ads, it’s offensive and demeaning.
    Don’t get me wrong, skinny people as well as larger people are beautiful. I myself don’t weigh more than 120 lbs., but it’s the way the media likes to PORTRAY both size 00 and size 40. That’s where things go wrong.

  7. Oh man, that Ralph Lauren thing is a photo?! I thought it was an artist’s rendering! It was just so impossible, manipulated and airbrushed I assumed it was a drawing! The poor lady looks like a Barbie!

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