3 thoughts on “Labor Day Notes – September 6, 2010”

  1. at school the other day one girl at school told me that i was ugly and didnt look good. . i went to the bathroom to hide my emotions and found a purple note in the school bathroom that read “hello gorgeous! your beautiful just the way you are!” it made my day and i forgot about what was said about me earlier.

  2. Some girls came in my class smiling and giggling, so I asked why. They told me of notes they had find in the bathroom. Through class I wondered and wanted to see for myself. I finally did and I was filled with the emotions I was rarely aware of. Those girls may have to it as a joke but it was the start of bringing me out of my numb shell of protection from being hurt. Now I see if I just stay in that shell I cannot truely be me. The ME few people get to truely see. FREE! As I continue to read what others have gained from this I makes me happy to know more people are smiling these days… So to the idealist, on behave of all, THANK YOU! I always wanted to be able to do what you have done but could not find a way to get from under my own protection. Only teaching those I reached. Thank you and may God bless you.

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