4 thoughts on “Introducing… No Makeup Monday!”

  1. I love the idea of no makeup mondays! I don’t wear makup because of the mindset it puts me in. Something I write on a lot of operation beautiful notes is: Makeup does not make up for insecurities. You’d be surprised how much makeup you could make up for if you make up your relationship with makeup!

  2. I gave up makeup for 6 moths and my skin was awesome. I recently relapsed to wearing heavy makeup. I think it is time to go back to no makeup and the monday will be day one

  3. i know a girl where i live who does something similar to this around our school and community. it’s very touching.

    nomakeupmondays.wordpress.com <– the blog she does.

  4. I think that No Make Up Mondays is a wonderful idea… You dont need to where make up to beautiful at all! Everyone has there own way of being beautiful. It doesn;t have to be on the outside it can be on the inside where it counts the most! Everyone single one of us are beautiful in the own way! <3 🙂

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