How to be a Critical Viewer of the Media

4 thoughts on “How to be a Critical Viewer of the Media”

  1. “advertisers will often construct an emotional experience that looks like reality”

    Some years ago, when I was young, I worked a part time job on a single television advertisement as a techno-geek on the crew. One 30 second spot took us weeks to get right. And while that ad was for a completely unrelated subject mater, I will assure you that every single camera angle, sound, etc. (frame by frame) was designed to cast an image to make you want. *TO MAKE YOU WANT*

    Television ads are not investigative journalism. Television ads are not real. I don’t mean to imply that all TV ads are “bad” per se. But if you see a national ad on a major broadcaster, it’s just flat out not real.

  2. I have been reading around your website and have appreciated the overall message.
    However, I think that how you perceive advertisements is all about YOU, not them. I worked hard to change my own perspective on beauty, not to shun companies who didn’t do it for me.
    As someone who thinks makeup is a lot of fun, I see that the faces in advertisements are obviously extremely airbrushed. But that’s not the point. I choose to see them as creative inspiration for my own looks – not a realistic standard of perfection.
    Also, as someone who has always been underweight naturally, I think it’s important to remember not to start a war against thin models! I think models should absolutely be more diverse in advertising, however, I think that setting your own example of personal beauty and confidence in your own life is more important. Who knows if images in the beauty industry will ever be as diverse as they ought to be. Just be grateful that so many skin colors and ethnicities are being represented more, and wait for the companies to catch on with body image.
    It’s all about YOU! I am much more inspired by a confident woman in real life. Represent confidence and individual beauty day to day and the love will spread naturally. Keep things positive; love your sisters.
    – Heidi

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