7 thoughts on “Friday Notes – July 30, 2010”

  1. Sarah,
    Thank you for reminding us that this mission is about promoting body acceptance, curves or not. As a curvy woman I have a hard time remembering that the revolution is about freedom and self-love for all people, all sizes, all shapes. I offended a dear friend once by calling her skinny. She quickly informed me that she may be thin, but she was skinny only during a tramatic time in her life when she unhealthy.

    I hear ya. We definately all need to be on the same team here. Body acceptance, love and health for ALL!

    Thanks Sarah!

  2. I pre-ordered the Operation Beautiful book from Amazon today! I can’t wait to read it!!! 🙂 And I like the scale idea…we have one in our gym restroom and I might just have to copy this idea 🙂

  3. Thank you Sarah, for writing that we’re beautiful curvy or not. I have a super fast metabolism too, and need the reminder that I’m beautiful too 🙂

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