3 thoughts on “Friday Notes – January 13, 2012”

  1. Hey 😉 I just found this website and it’s so amazing & wonderful! I fell in love with it instantly and I’ll write about it next time I blog. I love websites like this because they really give you a good feeling and make you smile 😉
    So I’ll definitely participate and stick my own notes somewhere, too 😉
    Share the love!

    xoxo Jen

  2. Please tell Mary-Whitten that Recovery is a long road, but its harder when you try it with no help. Honesty is the greatest tool to your recovery and re-developing relationships! You’re so brave Mary and though it may seem difficult right now… it get’s better. I hope one day you will be able to smile and say that you are beautifully and wonderfully made. I know I can now. My motto is healthy is the new thin! Be healthy, be strong, you are not alone!

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