5 thoughts on “Friday Notes – February 18, 2011”

  1. I love operation beautiful and its message, but today i found that not everyone likes it… I tried putting one in a hotel bathroom and the manager yelled at me for “vandalizing public property” and threatened to get our names and give them to the police. I am sorry for “defacing” her hotel, but that’s not going to stop me. I hope she sees a sticky note somewhere and feel good about herself. 🙂 She needs a smile today

    1. Hah Lauren no kidding!!! ( I was with her) That lady was intense… I hope she finds one an actually takes the time to read it,(: But even if I get in trouble or yelled at, I won’t stop posting!!! It’s soo addictive, and it’s a good thing too! Could operation beautiful be any cooler?!(:

  2. I saw a commercial for operation beautiful and thought id visit! I’m starting a new workout regimen today to strive for the perfect body. Reading the comments really helped me to love myself for who I am not what I look like!

  3. I just saw the commercial and I’m already in love with operation beautiful! I’m going to start filling up my sticky notes right now!

  4. I saw this website at a friend’s house. Our small group is challenging each other to post positive sticky notes all over our school. This is so cool. Let’s make a difference!

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