5 thoughts on “Friday Notes- December 3, 2010”

  1. i have a question…. any reason why people can’t use notecards?? to hide in library books and such? i always have notecards and i never have any post-its!

  2. I was having a seriously crappy morning today. Too many calls. Not enough sleep.. way too much hacking up a lung on my part. Add to that that I’ve been trying to get myself back in shape but I’ve been falling with set back after setback. I went to the bathroom and there on the stall, someone had put up a note “You are perfect the way you are! ob.com”. I instantly felt better. I couldn’t help but grin through my cough.

    See, I’ve been a notee for a while. I used to leave uplifting messages in random books at the San Francisco Public Library until I moved away.. life got busy, work got difficult and I completely forgot about operation beautiful… until today.

    I was so inspired that I sat around and made my own note cards on cardstock with glitter glue and markers. I am proud to say I placed my first OperationBeautiful.com card today in Redmond,WA. I left it sitting there right next to the Spaghettios in hope that someone in need of a little bit of sunshine can find it.. because everybody deserves a smile.

  3. wow can i just tell you that this is such an amazing idea! this is so awsome! i came to visit your site because i was makin a visit to a local gas sation and went to the bathroom and on the mirror i found one of your sticky notes on the mirror it really made me smile i even took a pic of it becuase i thought it was so cool 🙂 you guys are all great and i am so excited to see were this goes! because so many girls out there need to know really how beautiful they are 😀 and just this simple stikey note can change a persons day around!

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