4 thoughts on “Friday Notes – September 3, 2010”

  1. Hi!

    You are all absolutely beautiful to continue this operation and I absolutely LOOOVE IT!

    by Beautiful Kat

    btw: did you know that you have August 3, 2010, and it is SEPTEMBER 3, 2010? lol…love the site, imperfections and all!

  2. Today at school i walked into the bathroom and saw a note on the mirror and it said You are Beautiful just the way you are! it aslo said this website. it made me smile and it kept me goin through out the whole day. whne i got home i told my sister and we checked out this website. this whole program thing is really amazing and inspiring. thank you for whoever started this.

  3. Caitlin-
    I feel like I need to tell you thank you. I was never really horrible about picking myself apart in the mirror, but every time I would see myself I would think “Ew, I have a pimple” or “I need to straighten my hair” or something along those lines. When I found Operation Beautiful I stopped doing that- or at least when I did I caught myself and told myself I looked great 🙂 And not only have you changed the way I see myself, you’ve given me something fun to do on the weekends 🙂 Thanks again,

  4. I was at school one day and I had just broke up with my boyfriend. I had found out he cheated on me and i went to the bathroom to cry my eyes out. When I got there There was a note on the mirror that said “No matter what anyone says, you are beautiful on the inside and out!” I looked at it and smiled. All previous tears forgotten!

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