2 thoughts on “Friday Notes – April 15, 2011”

  1. So I don’t know exactly how I got here, a combination of things one of which being a youtube “guru” mentioned it in one of her videos, But I remember wondering why on earth one day there was a note telling -ME- I was beautiful in Barnes and Noble bathroom mirror. I had no clue it was from Operation Beautiful [it didn’t say http://www.operationbeautiful.com, perhaps it was random and unrelated], I mentioned to my bf I thought it was a bit odd but a nice thought for a stranger to extend a positive word to another. I thought about it many times since then because- I see girls (and guys) every day and they look unhappy. Just today I saw a girl working as a bagger at my local Safeway and she looked so hurt by how her employees were treating her I wanted to pull her aside and talk to her but thought that it might possibly embarrass her or get her in trouble. If only I could have posted a note for her so before she went home she could see she is amazing, beautiful and cared for by a complete stranger and doesn’t need to feel down because others are having a bad day. So I began making my own notes I have over 20 so far I’m sure I’ll post them all tomorrow. I even bought car paint to post the website on my car window to help spread the word 😀 I felt myself near tears writing some of these notes I know what it feels like to judge yourself and feel lost and unloved and I want this girls to know they are NOT alone and the are worth SO much more than they know.

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