Flashback Post–August 13, 2012

by Caitlin on August 13, 2012

The editor of Operation Beautiful is currently on vacation (woo woo!).  Regular notes will resume tomorrow.  Please enjoy this flashback post from October 24, 2011 in the meantime.

Post-It Phrase of the Day: “Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.”

Anonymous posted this note:


Nathalie wrote, “I found this the other day before my soccer game in the girls locker room. I’ve been putting Operation Beautiful notes around school for about a year…I’m really happy someone else is spreading the beauty too.”

photo 1

photo 2

Kaylee wrote, “I made this note card and about 100 like it and posted them on random people’s lockers at my high school.”


Anna wrote, “This year me and two friends got permission to decorate our school locker room with notes before school! It was so much fun. As I was walking to gym that day I heard one girl say to another "We have to get down there before they’re all gone!" It was so cute. We’re so proud to be apart of the mission.”

operation beautiful one

planking 004

planking 012

planking 015

Emily wrote, “I made up about 65 cards this past weekend for Operation Beautiful.”

operatopm beaitifl




Love Operation Beautiful and want to participate? Post a note, take a picture, and e-mail your story to Caitlin at [email protected].  Each note goes up on the site for thousands of others to read and enjoy! Make a change in this world… it starts with YOU!

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