Fact Sheet: Bulimia

7 thoughts on “Fact Sheet: Bulimia”

  1. I’m trying to change my ways of Bulimia for good, I do not, however, purge. I starve myself and I am very very very very concerned for my health right now.When I eat, I dont want people to see how much I eat and so I usually dont let anyone see me! My first step is to tell my mom, that hardest step for me of all, and I’m scared of her reaction….

  2. interesting. although this did not change my purging habits im more….wary? i dont know im just everything they described up there and it frustrates me. i could lose my life to the outlandish thought that im fat when i know im average but thats in the back of my mind. i want to be the skinny id prefer to be…. the body i want to have… i just want to be happy with myself instead of hating every inch of my body.

    1. ok…..this shit is serious…it so sucks…..but you need to get on some meds, its an imbalance………………it can be fixed…you can lead a nomal (skinny life) go to your doc…..prozac for me worked wonders. dont give up…u are worth it.

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