Fact Sheet: Anorexia

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  1. OK, I know what this is. But how do I stop these thoughts and this extreme want to stop eating forever? I know I’m really tiny as is. But I still feel…fat. Every time I eat too

  2. Oh Sadie! My heart goes out to you! As a person who previously had an eating disorder I can tell you it is a hard battle, but it is definately one you can get through! I want you to think about this, are you healthy? I can’t focus on my weight because if I do I know I go out of control. But I looked up what a healthy person for my age and height should weigh and I was actually below average. You only have one body and you should treat it well. If you are underweight you are putting your body in the same risk for health issues as people who are overweight. I really encourage you to find someone that you can talk to, who will help you get through those moments where you think food=fat and help you see food=health

  3. Hey Sadie,

    I think you’ve already come a long way if you’re able to recognize and question the thoughts that you’re having. I’m currently in recovery from anorexia and I can totally understand how those thoughts can be completely overwhelming.

    The reality is, it’s pretty difficult to stop or change those thoughts without the help of a professional who can hash them out with you. I suffered for over 25 years before I got into treatment. (yeah, I’m showing my age, lol). But please don’t do what I did! The longer you wait, the more entrenched you’ll become in those thoughts, and recovery will probably take more time.

    Take care, hun. {{hugs!!}}

  4. im curious. i eat a lot and im skinny for my age. i excercise reguraly. i dont count calories or anything. its just when i eat fatty foods i feel so low of energy. i eat really healthy foods and i beacame a vegetarian this summer. i just wanted to know the symptoms of anorexia and now im scared im anorexic but i feel like i just excercise because afterwards it makes me feel happier. i just run three miles or a mile and a half every night and sometimes i willl have cheer practice but i dont normally run on those days. im scared im anorexic and i dont want to be. i had a teacher just die of bulimia and it freaked me out. im really worried.

    1. Aww honey, I am so sorry your teacher died of an eating disorder. Anorexia is not just being thin, it is a mental disease characterized by the refusal to eat enough food to sustain your body weight. If you are a healthy weight and do not fear eating a regular diet (i.e. probably 2000 calories a day), you are fine. I don’t like to eat unhealthy foods either because it makes me feel bad. I eat lots of healthy foods and run marathons!

      I would suggest you talk to your guidance counselor at school a little more about your concerns. They will keep it private and help you deal with your teacher’s death. Maybe you could even start an Operation Beautiful club at school to spread awareness about eating disorders and help other girls at your school!

  5. I have been struggling with anorexia for over two years now. It is so hard to release the negative thoughts and behaviors because they are so much a part of me. I cannot separate truths from lies, because in my mind they are still the same. I was hospitalized at the beginning of the year and then spent 104 days in inpatient treatment, and I still don’t feel any better, maybe even worse. I want to believe I am beautiful, but I can’t. I don’t know what to do; I don’t even know if I WANT to get better.

  6. I don’t think I have an eating disorder. But my friends do, and apparently one of my old teachers thinks so too. My friends always tell me that I’m going to die because I’m so skinny and don’t eat much. Its just that when i do eat, I feel like I’m going to gain a lot of weight from just that one meal or snack, even though I know that isn’t possible. I did loose a lot of weight before. In seventh grade I was 106 pounds, which I was told that was a healthy weight for someone my age and height (5’1). By the end of eighth grade, I was 92 pounds. I was depressed throughout most of eighth grade. Especially during April and May. I stopped eating lunch. I never ate breakfast anyway, so taking out luch really took a tole on me. I was also going to the gym three times a week. Then, I cut out supper when I started eating a tiny after-school snack. I’m back up to 98 pounds now, but I know that once school starts back i’ll loose weight again. And i know my body won’t be able to handle that because I’m going into my first year of marching band, and that requires a lot of time in the sun. I live in Georgia, we’re lucky if its 90 degrees in the summer. Normally the temperature reaches over a hundred. I do fear for my health if i start doing that again, especially excersicing out in the heat. My family never noticed my weight loss. I don’t know how to control how I eat. I still don’t think I have an eating disorder though. My weight just shifts

    1. Hi Sarah:

      If you feel depressed and fear eating because you think it will make you gain weight, skip meals, and you can’t maintain a healthy weight for your size, you might have an issue with food. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have anorexia. Lots of people have ‘distorted eating’ that is just as serious. If your friends and teachers are concerned, you should ask for help. Can you talk to your teacher or a counselor at school? You deserve to feel strong and happy. I hope you have fun in marching band this year – stay strong!

  7. I’m not sure if I have an eating disorder. I weigh about 102-103 pounds and I’m 5 feet tall. I like the feeling of not eating. I don’t really count calories. Since it’s summer over here I feel that I can lose weight from starving myself easier than if I was busy with things during the school year. I am perfectionist and sometimes have the want to do something a specific way or else I’ll get punished. It’s weird. I like to mostly eat alone and try not to show people when i eat because I feel a bit embarrassed. I haven’t lost any weight yet, but only because I just really started. Do you think I have an eating disorder?

    1. I think anytime you feel that you have a complicated relationship with food, it is potentially dangerous. DO you have a teacher or guidance counselor you can talk to?

  8. I’ve actually just come across this site because I was looking for thinspo… I’m not thin in any way possible and I probably shouldn’t even write here but I feel like I need to get my story across? I’ve had a tough year and turned to self harm and eating patterns as my way of controlling at least something. I was picked out in college for my behaviour and I promised I would change back to my “normal” ways but behind closed doors I’m still the same control freak with regards to eating 9 months on (I try to steer clear of cutting though as it’s an obvious give away).

    I’m not anorexic but I know there’s something wrong with me. I binge, purge, take lax and fast at the same time. A few weeks ago, I binged uncontrollably. I felt disgusting so I purged in the shower and took 12 lax in one night. I then starved myself for 9 days and lost just under a stone. This happens every month but I stay the same (although I have lost weight gradually in a way). What do I even consider myself… I actually have the urge to become anorexic, I’m a wannarexic if you want the truth. I know it’s low of me but it’s what I want. I want to be the skinny one people comment on in college. I want to be the one who doesn’t worry about which clothes to wear. Do I need help? I’m sorry.

  9. Hi Mel

    By the sounds of things, you should be writing here! You are showing very dangerous patterns that must be stopped.

    I came across this post as I was searching for ways to gain weight during recovery. I have been in denial for the past 2 years that I had ‘food issues’ but have finally acknowledged it properly in the last couple of months. In which time I have gained 1 stone and finally feel like I am getting back to my old self. I am still slightly underweight and haven’t had a period, gaining weight is a lengthy process. I lost a good relationship with my family and my friends and I would urge anyone who is in an unsteady place to seek help.

    I really feel for you that you are abusing your body as a way to cope with your troubles but you must try to seek other ways of coping. Turning to people you know and love would be a healthier and happier lifestyle for you, but abusing your body will make you want to push these close people away. Don’t let worrying about your weight spoil your life. Make the change now, seek help x

  10. I hate food. I really do. It make me fat. I eat around 300-500 calories a day and then make sure to exercise enough to burn it all off. I have only lost a pound, I’m still 119 and I want to be 110 soooo bad. I also hate eating around people because I’m afraid they will judge me because of how fat I am. Please help me know what’s going on!!!

  11. So, I don’t have anorexia. But, I’ve always been really thin. Recently though, I’ve gained a few pounds like maybe three. Since, the weight gain I’m 107 pounds at 5’8″ and I’m 14. Typing this out makes me feel really stupid. But, anywho, every time I see that on the scale it makes me feel sick because I’ve always been the thinnest, and now that I’m a few pounds heavier than other girls it freaks me out. And whenever, I look in the mirror, my mirror finds all these flaws in my body and face. And, I’ve actually considered trying to gain a little weight wondering if it would help me feel better about myself because I’m really bipolar about it. Sometimes I feel too thin other times a little chunky. But then I think about it and I know my mind would go ballistic if I gained more weight. And, this summer I tried gaining weight, but I have such a high metabolism nothing works.

    I have no idea if what I’m feeling, is normal or sane. I just don’t know what to think about these thoughts. I try to shut that stupid voice in my head off but nothing works. It’s always there it seems.
    “How do you get THESE grades? You’re so stupid.”
    “Who would like YOU?”
    “You have no real friends, they just use you.”
    “Ew. You’re ugly.”
    “You’re too thin.”
    “You’re getting a little chunky there.”
    And, I don’t even know why it’s there. I hate it. And, I honestly have no idea what to do. Sorry, if this is really stupid, or it’s a complete waste of time.

    1. you aren’t stupid… it does sound like you are struggling. do you have a counselor at school that you can talk to?

  12. I don’t believe I am anorexic, but lately I definitely get nervous about my weight. I weigh 5’1, and I went from being 97 lb to 87 in about a month and a half. I tend to feel fat almost all the time. I eat very small meals and starve myself sometimes. It’s like i have a constant feeling that I’m not worth anyhting. I just want to feel better about myself. It always seems like no one understands what I’m going through. My friends just tell me to eat, which doesn’t help much.

  13. Hello, everyone.
    This year I am an exchange student in Brazil. I’ve always had an awareness of about how my body looked and was presented. I was averagely thin in the middle on the healthy weight range for someone 5’7″-ish, about 130 lbs. But here, as many exchange students experience, I’ve gained around 6 or 7 kg, about 15-20 lbs I think. And now I just feel so incredibly embarrassed and disgusted about my body. All my clothes are getting uncomfortably tight and I have these horrible rolls. I’m not anorexic, but sometimes I wish I were. I come from the US so I feel like even when I return the weight won’t ever come off. I don’t like the feeling of being full, but I equally don’t like feeling hungry. I feel like if I had a stronger will-power or force of mind, I could lose this disgusting layer of fat I’ve acquired..

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