Dear Society

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  1. Mackenzie,
    All I can say is WHOA. I LOVE this post! I feel exactly the same way. It’s ridiculous that society sends us on a wild goose chase looking to be “perfect” or exactly like a new celebrity that someone has deemed a “goddess” for some reason or another. Who says they are beautiful and we aren’t? A robot army of look alikes aren’t beautiful; those that are unique and are bursting with personality and character, now THEY are beautiful. Keep on writing Mackenzie, you have a gift. Never forget that YOU are beautiful! That’s all that matters.

  2. I love you for writing this. you are inspiring, and you’ve gotta keep writing !
    I agree 100% and I will never allow someone else to draw my path on the map. there’s no way !!

  3. I always seemed to be drawn to essays/papers about how societies’ image of beauty is flawed, and I agree with that. The general population seems to have a very unrealistic and in some cases impossible views on beauty, however the fashion industy is not the general population. The fashion industy is unlike any other because it indirctly effects just about every human being on the planet, and yet very few people truely know it and understand it. I can only speak for myself, but I dress so I can feel beautiful and so I can feel confident. People in fashion are in no way an army of “robots” or “zombies” and am exteamly insulted that you would use biggitry to sterotype something that you don’t even understand. Before you use something as a scape goat, please at least try to do some research.

    1. The writer was not singling out the fashion industry, it was an opinion statement to society as a whole. However, the fashion industry has some influence over society’s view of beauty – or there would not be current changes going on in Europe to have healthier high fashion models. The idea was that no other person has the ‘right’ to judge another’s value based on their exterior appearance – this is not simply a fashion industry issue – it’s from marketing companies, entertainment media, and the like. You may still choose to feel ‘insulted’, however, I personally believe your perception and understanding are mistaken. Additionally, when presenting a valid argument and encouraging the author to perform prior research – please do so whle utilizing spell check – it will strengthen your argument enormously.

  4. This is one of the best papers about true beauty I’ve ever read! Thank you so much for writing it! 😀
    Every girl is a goddess in her own way 😀


  5. amazing post…i personally agree with you, and while some people (namely a person who commented before) think that you are being mean (or something like that. if i misunderstood your words merideth, then i am sorry) i believe that this “letter” to society needs to be spread…therefore, i have decided i am going to print out some copies of this, and post them around school

  6. Wow. This post is incredible. You inspire me and I 100% agree that Society’s view on “beautiful” is quite flawed. You don’t have to be skinny, blemish free, or wear the “in fashion” clothes to be beautiful. Everyone is beautiful! So I will join you in saying “Bring it on”.
    About to become a Junior in high school, I am sick of the looks from people and that they give others, the ones that say “Wow, what the heck is she thinking?” ,”Why is she wearing that?” ,”She should wear more makeup.” , etc. The judgement needs to be stopped. It doesn’t matter what someone is wearing or how they are acting, it’s who they are in side. They are beautiful, inside and out.

  7. Can I just say, DON;T BLAME SOCIETY!
    So many people just blame society for their problems and it makes me said.

    otherwise, it was actually well written

    1. Who else is their to blame? I don’t know of anything/anyone else that takes pride in Photoshop, diet programs, and kicking everyone while they’re down. Nothing else sends people into a frenzy to buy the latest and greatest things, and giving people a false sense of happiness. Society is the only thing that causes people to feel like they have no hope, like they’re lost, and like they’re worthless.

      But then again, I suppose this is a “to each their own” situation.

  8. I spend way too much time thinking about how much skinnier I should be, and how maybe if I had more makeup I would be prettier. Or if I bought more clothes I would be prettier. But you know what? Those things shouldnt be number one on our to-do list. In fact, they shouldnt be there at all. I cant wait to start posting things, and while they will help others to remember that they’re beautiful they also remind me.

  9. I am impressed, and so glad to hear that I am not the only succumbed to this crazy army of robot people that just follow whatever society wants them to do. You have a talent girl- work it! Haha, either way, I love this and you have a beautiful soul man, live on and prosper!

  10. This describes how I feel about the world almost exactly. We are the heroes in this war. We do not back down or give up. We do not leave others behind. We reach out for each other, strengthen each other, and we will stand against the false beauty that has become the idol of society. Each of us is lovely in a unique way, not because we have the latest fashion accessory or the hottest shades of makeup. No. We are beautiful because we are real, and we’re right here. And we’re winning.

  11. Wow this article is just so amazing i completely agree with you and it makes me sick when i think what society’s idea of beauty is, thousands of people and especially teens commit suicide every year or die because they fell into an illness and why all because they think they aren’t good enough or they don’t ‘fit in’. I’m so glad there are still normal people like you that agree this is all stupid. Girls shouldn’t starve themselves and apply tons of make-up to look beautiful because they already are.

  12. I will back you up in this war against society’s definition of beauty. With good education, then we can spank the definition of beauty so much. The definition of beauty has led to the deaths of millions of people. All of you are beautiful in your own way. Be yourself, don’t let society define you. It’s stupid otherwise.

  13. You have such a way with words, you inspired me to use beauty in society as my culminating project in English. I love this keep writing!

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