Create Your Own Standard for Beauty

2 thoughts on “Create Your Own Standard for Beauty”

  1. Christina,
    your words are so strong, and in my eyes : so right. I am an European citizen myself, and there has been debates about models being severe underweight. To a lot of people the catwalk is a basis for their understanding of beauty, which was the case for me as well. The bodies I saw walking down the catwalk was one of the reasons why I wanted to loose weight, as they were “beauty in persona”.
    Looking back I wish my mind had been clearer, that I had the peace with myself that I am starting to find now. As this project is all about : beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and from that we can conclude that beauty has to do with the spirit of the person, with how she or he live her life.
    To live a confident and healthy life, and show kindness to other and ourself is beauty. A beautiful body can have hips or not, boobs or not, there is no “the beautiful body”, there are a universe of beautiful bodies, a universe of beautiful diversity.

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