Sharon: Learn to Love and Forgive Yourself

3 thoughts on “Sharon: Learn to Love and Forgive Yourself”

  1. @Emily,
    Thank You for reading! Eat Pray Love was so inspiring, I’m recommending the book to everyone I know! It’s wonderful. Some things on my to-do list include learning to speak a new language (Mandarin, Sign Language, Italian), Volunteer in a hospital, Go Horseback riding, Take my brother to Disneyland (he’s 13, but has never been), and achieve meditation. Hopefully, the to-do list will keep me on track, especially during stressful times. I recently found this website,, which allows you to log your list on-online for supporters to see!

  2. Very well written post, I like how you recognize a need for change, address it and take action. This actually touches me very closely because I can relate to practically everything you’ve written about – food, punishment and guilt, running and feeling horrible when I don’t, not taking pleasure in life, making school my life instead of part of it; I’m doing my best to recover from all of it as well. I’m glad that you wrote this, it proves, once again, that I, and many others, are not alone in this struggle and I believe when others see this, it’ll help them make progress in the right direction toward a happier and healthier self-image. 🙂

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