Letting Go of My Negativity

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  1. I’m 25 and found an operation beautiful post-it note on a shelf at the grocery store where I work, at first I didn’t know what it was but now that I’ve visited the site I feel like I was ment to find that note… Ever since I was little I’ve had really low self esteem – it started with negativity towards me at home and just got worse with humiliating experiences at school. I became very very shy for a very long time, I never had many friends and I never got to do a lot of the things people around me were doing because I was too shy/didn’t have enough money. A couple of months ago while I was working a guy about my age came in to the department I work in, although he was very dirty from his job he was extremely handsome and I immediately noticed him, a short while later he came back and started talking to me & asked me out on a date! I was super excited and had a number of good times with him, I thought I was his girlfriend (he said I was) but then one day on Facebook he changed his profile to single, I asked him what was going on & he said he had forgotten to change his status to single after he brokeup with a previous girlfriend & he wanted to know me better first bc I wasn’t being myself with him bc of my shyness… He took me out that evening and was very sweet, we were going to have a combination birthday party in a week and I was excited… After that day he stopped contacting me & his FB status went to “in a relationship”… I was crushed & said some mean things to him but realized that I wasn’t actingbwith beauty inside and forgave him bc I didn’t know the real reason he did this… While I’ll probably never talk to him again I feel better about myself bc I now believe that I should be loved for who I am and if it takes me a little while to open up that’s ok bc even though I’m shy I’m kind, truthful and beautiful inside and out… Think good thoughts that I’ll find the right guy someday 🙂

  2. My legs are strong. I am a good runner, and I worked hard to get there. I have nice eyes. I am a great leader. I’m funny. I don’t let failure get me down, I try again. I have pretty shoulders. I’m a super writer…singer…actress…friend…nanny…girlfriend…sister. I make the most out of a tough situation. I’m a good cook. And I will not let negative thoughts rule my self-esteem.

  3. Reading this I thought you were describing me. Im 14 & really self-concious. I own half of the mall & yet dont like how my clothes look on me. Everything happens for a reason & Im proud to say that me coming to the website is going to give a (hopefully) positive reaction to my peers. In fact, when I go to school tmm, Im going to post up a “you’re beautiful” sticky note in the girls’ restroom. <3 & At the mall & where ever, when ever I can. Its a beautiful concept & Im truly inspired. <3 (:

    1. I’m 13 and feel the same way. I’m over weight and hate my body. But I have a beautiful smile and play great on the clarinet. Always love yourself and don’t lose hope!

  4. I always look in the mirror and point out all the bad things about me, I HATE IT! I always say my nose is to big or my legs are weird or i wish my eyes were blue instead of green. Its a really bad for me to say those things about myself. What makes it worst is this girl in my school (we used to be best friends) always jokes around and says i have a big nose. That doesnt help at all. From now on i wont point out all the bad things about myself ill point the good. Thank you operation beautiful you really changed me (in a good way)! Im going to start getting post-it notes and write nice quotes down and stick them whereever i go! 😀

    1. Green eyes are a flaw???? I’ve always thought that green eyes were the most GORGEOUS and rare eye color to have! I always wished mine were green haha. I’m sure you are very beautiful, keep your chin up!

    2. Oh Hannah, you are right, you are beautiful, and don’t worry about that girl, she’s lashing out because of something inside of her, not the way you are. I went through the same thing; my whole highschool called Ghost Girl and made fun of me for everything to point where I wanted to kill myself. Green eyes are the rarest eye color in the world, it makes you unique and wonderfuller. Everyone looks a little weird, but its those weird things that makes us unique and gorgeous in our own way.

      1. I like my green eyes! They help distract me from my other flaws, like acne I am trying to think positive and I hope you succeed in doing so too!

  5. I look in the mirror and see all my flaws. The wrinkles starting, the gray hairs, turkey neck…but I got sick last week and the turkey neck isnt quite there anymore. I lost weight , I had a anyeurism bust on my brain,,I couldnt talk nor move for about half hour. Scared the uh huh out of me.I was in the hospital for 3 days. Thank God it wasnt worse. I looked in the mirror this morning and saw someone I havent seen in awile. Me..Im not ugly. Im stiill fat but not as fat. But , my skin is clear even though im 46. I have a few wrinkles, nothing major. Last week made me start thinking …Clearer now more than ever. I have always had issues with how I look,my weight,my hair…but now I see a clearer me. Im smart..I have 5 kids and 8 grandchildren. They love me. Im a great cook. I think I have more positives than negatives now. God Bless.

  6. I love the fact that despite everything I have been through with my father’s murder I still love to see the sun rise and spend time in the sun.
    I love that I am self motivated to accomplish my goals I have for myself.
    I love my true spirit under all the “masks”.
    I love my eyes.
    I love my figure.
    I just miss the easy going, always smiling and laughing girl that I once was before tragedy hit so close to home.

  7. first of all, when i saw the picture above i right away said “she is gorgeous!” and things about myself..
    i am a good friend.
    i have a pretty smile
    i have nice hair
    i am trustworthy
    ….i am ME. 🙂

  8. Some people tell me I’m beautiful, some people tell me I’m not. I just tell myself not everybody will think you’re beautiful but I just can’t accept that fact at all. Everytime I see myself, I point out my flaws and compare myself to other girls of my age. It really sucks. When I discovered this website, I realized so many things and now I’m willing to look at the brighter side. Not everyone will think I’m beautiful some will, some won’t. Help me to let go of my negativity.

    1. You’ve got to change your thinking! Pre-think of things you like about yourself and then you can refer to your list whenever you feel sad!

      1. What if a guy(s) calls you ugly, especially all throughout high school? And no guy ever wanted to be partners with you during dance lessons during gym class… I’m 20. I feel like I should be over this, but I’m not.

        I’m in university and people don’t say those things, at least not out loud.

        I never gave myself too hard of a time for how I looked until guys did. Makes me feel sad. Someone (my “friend” who has a history of romantic desperation) also told me a guy was out of my league, I assume this was based on physical traits. It was so offensive.

        1. People say rude and stupid things all the time. I am sorry that boy was so mean to you! What is wrong with people? And you’re right – a friend who would say that isn’t a friend at all. Real men want a woman who is kind, smart, gentle, and compassionate… not just pretty. You are beautiful from the inside-out. So much of beauty is confidence. Believe that you deserve it because YOU DO.

          1. Ahhh, Caitln, when you mentioned that you get self-conscious of your pale skin, don’t be. I guess in the Western parts of the world such as the United States and Canada, people want tanned skin. But in many parts of Asia, people want pale skin.

            US and Canada: People run tanning salons, get cream tanners to make skin darker, tan in the sun.
            Asia: Like in Korea (North and South), people buy skin whitening products such as BB creams and cover themselves well under the sun to avoid tanning.

            I do find it funny that both of these are considered traits of “luxurious” people. Asia: Pale skin meant you didn’t have to work under the sun.
            Canada / US: Dark skin meant you could go and vacation and afford leisure activities such as tanning (on a beach, for example).

            Whether you have pale or dark skin, they both have their pros and cons.

        2. i feel the same way i feel like i only should like the ugly dorky guys because that is all that would like me back cant wait to get out of high school

          1. you are beautiful cassie! i feel the same way though. i am way too self conscious about myself and my life. i feel like i am always being judged. I am overweight and working on losing weight and i feel now that everyone looks at me at school and thinks i look fat and not attractive and i fear that the only guys that will go out with me are the ones who are overweight too and not very attractive, but i don’t give myself enough credit, i need support and encouraging thoughts from people i trust, i am beautiful and i need to accept it because i don’t believe it, i have this awesome friend that i love and have known for a while and most every morning before school she comes up, hugs me and tells me how beautiful i am. i tell her she is beautiful too because she is and i find it sad that someone can believe so heartily that i am gorgeous without believing it myself. i appreciate that friend and her actions so much. ? i know that it is possible to build up confidence and when i build up enough and learn to accept myself, i feel that many things in life will be easier and i will believe in myself and others and be able to ask anyone out and not be completely afraid and self conscious about what they are going to say. many friends at school call me adorable and beautiful and gorgeous a lot i just have trouble accepting that i am and i have thought at times that i just want to get out of high school and start fresh but then i realize that high school is an adventure that i don’t want to waste or miss because it will easily be regretted later in life. i told my nutritionist i need help building up confidence and today she told me about this wonderful site. i only just started looking at it tonight and it has helped me enormously in a little amount of time. i have come to realize that i have beautiful eyes. they are brown and not gorgeous like green or blue ones but i still love them. they are a chestnutty color on the inside and have hints of green and yellow and around the chestnutty parts are lovely deep chocolately brown rings that make me happy when i look in the mirror. my eyes are big like a little kid or a puppy dog and they are part of what makes me adorable. i love my nose it is unique and small and beautiful, i like my lips becuase they are plentiful and big but i do have a very small mouth and teeth, which makes my cheeks big and round which adds to my adorableness. i love my feet and toes. i am a dancer and have been for 11 years. i have wicked curly honey blonde hair which i love and many people are jealous of, i have lovely curves which i love but i do not like my body as a whole because i am overweight. my least favorite things are my belly and my thighs. i never realized how much fat can build up 🙁 but i should be talking positively about myself so i accept that i am beautiful even though it is hard for me and i believe that when i am at my healthy and happy weight, i will feel very confident and better about myself and my body. i just cannot develop an eating disorder and become obsessed with losing weight because 2 very close family members have had and still have eating disorders. i hope that i am bold enough to know when to stop and learn that i am beautiful and just know that enough is enough and look at myself inside and out and realize that everything about me is beautiful and i really don’t need to change anything though i feel like i have to to be accepted by others and myself. i love my smile it is radiant and lights up anyone’s day who walks by who i smile at, i am a shy, shyer than last year and i have motivation to change that. i am witty. i do not believe that i am smart or very intelligent but people encourage me and tell me that i am. i was born with the brains i’m just not sure still how to use them. humans are very interesting in every aspect of life, especially with emotions. i am very strong and brave, have a big and strong heart, i am loving, extremely generous and kind, hard-working, persistent and unique. my main obstacle in life is learning to accept myself for who i really am, inside and out.

  9. I have pretty eyes and white teeth. When I smile my face lights up, so people say. I have pretty legs when I wear heels and my boobs are the perfect size. I love my freckles and I know that one day I will find someone who loves me not only for these things but also for my inperfections. I believe every person is truly beautiful. Inside and out.

  10. I have such horrible skin issues, but I know that its impossible to be perfect.
    We all have something we don’t like about ourselves. I appreciate the other things that I have such as my kindness, my smile, and the courage to face the little struggles in life.

  11. I’ve never been comfortable with my weight. It’s always changing due to stress. I gained almost 50 pounds in less than two years. Its very depressing and i’m still trying to get myself to eat healthy and go to the gym. The depression isnt helping. I constantly feel sad, and not good enough. There are times where i think i seriously need help, but am too hesitant to get it. But, i guess i could name some things i like about myself.

    -i love my long eye lashes
    -my heart is bigger than an elephant
    -i’m really good with talking to adults ( i’m only 17 but can carry on great convos)
    -i think i have a good sense of style
    -i love how laid back i am
    -i’m nice to EVERYONE
    -i thank god every night for what he’s given me
    -i like the fact that i pray
    -my ears are a perfect size
    -i like my height
    -my hair is finally starting to grow and i love it
    -i like the two small birthmarks on my chest, they’re on my heart

  12. hey ive not been on here for a while i told my friend a secret and she told the boy the secret and now hes gonna b upset or mad any help or ideas 2 help me im sad

  13. I really like this post. It makes me really think about how I shouldn’t be so hard on my self. I’ve had a lot of stugglings in my short 15 years of life. But I’m working in getting over them. I know I’m not the prettiest flower in the garden. But I know I shouldn’t just be saying that all time. I put myself down way too much. I’m fat. I have a big head. My voice is squeaky. But If I look in the mirror. I mean really, really look. I want to see someone who is confortable without the make – up. I wan’t to see someone who can honestly say ‘I’m beautiful’ without second guessing myself. If you look at my smile you see a girl who is loving life. But if you look in my eyes, I mean really, truely look, you see a girl who is hurting and trying really hard to please herslef and everyone around her. So when I read this, I had to really think hard about things I like about myself. Then I thought, my skin is clear, and my green eyes are pretty. They are my best feature in fact. And I’m smart. I’m nice to people. So instead of listing all these negative things about myself. Each day I’m going to try add more POSITVE things to my list. Forget the negative. I’m unique. I am me. I am beautiful.

  14. This is probably the one thing i have read in a long timethat has convinced me to try this .
    i look in the mirror and see a girl that has a little to much fat on her stomach, who’s nose i a lil crooked , who is to short , who dosn’t have a pretty shape at all …. well i am trying my hardest from now on i will say positive things when i look in the mirror
    – i love my gray eyes
    – i love my curly hair
    -i love my smile
    i hope i can find more than what i have listed here … i will work on it 🙂

  15. I have nice legs.
    I have long eye lashes.
    I am a good listener.
    I like that i’m quiet.
    I mean a lot to some people.
    I like that i did drumline in high school and college.
    I like that i am mysterious and don’t let too many people in.
    I like that i love history.
    I like that i am smart.
    i like that i am a good artist.
    i like that im caring and empathetic.
    I like that i am really tough.
    i like that i enjoy old things that most people think are boring.
    I like that i am an old soul.
    I like that i like the movies and music and tv shows that i like.
    i like my spirituality.
    i like that i always look at the trees and the sky, or listen to the wind, the birds etc, and am able to find it all so beautiful.
    i love pit bulls, and i love how passionate i am about helping them.
    i like how independent i am.
    i love that i love animals.
    i love that i am easy going.
    i like the moles on my face.
    my boobs are a decent size.
    i like my butt.
    i like my style of clothing.
    i like that i’m introverted.
    i like that i dont know anybody else who is exactly like me.
    i like that i’m really mature.
    i like that i wish i could help everybody in the world, and how volunteering at orphanges and homeless shelters is something i want to do.
    i like that i donate money to help people.
    i like how i look around a lot. and how i watch everybody.
    and i like this. thank you.

  16. i am a lot like you i try and try to make myself better only at this point everty thing needs to be made better my weight my complection my personality. but since iv been reading these iv come to realize that im not a freak that wants to make her self better there other people just like me we just need to help each other. truth is i am 14 years old and rather than picking on my outer apperiance like i used to iv begun to pick at my inside. what i mean by that is that i feel like im to awckward like my personality is offle. I’v realized that i need to stop beating myself up on the inside for who i am. i am in a relationship right now and its been one of the best things for me. i figured oiut that i just needed to find that one person that i could talk to and not feel guilty bout how i act or what i do or say. i have found that person but i still cant open up completly and im afraid that it will cause complications. he trys and trys and always compliments me and tells me he loves me but i still cant seem to open up. what should i do?
    some things i love about myself are:
    I have unique eyes and i love them
    i have amazing freinds
    i have a great personality
    ..i am me and no one else:)

  17. I’m so glad I found this website. When I found a Operation Beautiful note in Target, it changed my life forever! I am a 14 year old girl, and I’ve always had trouble with self-confidence. When I look in the mirror I always think I have too many pimples, my hair is ugly, my eyelashes are short, and my brown eyes are boring. But today I decided to try this 😀

    I have a gorgeous smile.
    My legs are beautiful.
    I like my little nose.
    I love my birthmarks.
    My nails are fantastic.
    I am super skinny.
    I don’t care that my boobs are small.
    I love my little butt.
    I have a great sense of style.
    I am really funny.
    I have a lot of friends.
    My hair is gorgeous naturally.
    I am beautiful! <3

    1. Jen, no one is perfect. There is always something we don’t like about ourselves. However, it is great that you made a list of the wonderful things about you. Don’t try to change yourself, you are beautiful the way you are! You don’t have to change what you see, just change the way you see it!

  18. I am 19 and at 16 i became anorexic after I lost my cousin to a motorcycle accident. A year later I came out of it a little and then fell hard into bulimia. it has been 2 years of hell and self loathing with a wish that someday I could be brave enough to tell the people i love that I did this to myself. When I started college this last fall, one day I went to the restroom before class. There was a note on the mirror: “With help comes Hope. Operationbeautiful.com”. It gave me chills to know that someone had done such a wonderful for so many woman. It has been constantly on my mind since then. Because of that 1 post it note, that one day, I have been trying to get better and finally went to get help- facing my fear of treatment at school because i didn’t want to get caught and expelled. Today I have taken a bigger step and got a book on bulimia nervousa. Thanks to this idea of telling women how beautiful they really are I have more strength. <3 Thank you, who ever it was that wrote this note. We are all beautiful, I love us all.

  19. I wish I had found something like this when I was 13 or 14. I am now almost 24 and still struggle on a daily basis with not crying every time I look in a mirror. While I was recently diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder..it really doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, it is the way you feel about your body and the thoughts you create about yourself because of that. NO GIRL should EVER have to live with feeling such negativity towards her body. (remember… WE create our thoughts..they are not real, and WE have the power to change them) We are all created out of Love to be a shining light to those around us, and that can be hard to do when we can’t love and appreciate all parts of ourselves. For me, I must acknowledge my negative beliefs, flip it into a postive and send the postivity back to the universe. While some days I can look in a mirror and say “I am beautiful”, other days all I can do is look in a mirror and say “you are loved” “you are healing” etc. It is a process, and seeing so many young girls have the same problems I had makes me sad, yet thankful there are now more resources to help foster self love so you don’t have to continue suffering with your negative thoughts. I have also found the more love and support you exude for others, the more love you will give to yourself.

  20. i love this site it makes so many things better in my life:) befor i was jsut like all of you i hated my apperiance i hated my personality i pretty much hated myself. it was all about changing my self and that was all that was on mymind. trying to change who i was to please who was around me. i went balimque/anerexic/changed my hair changed my style all for other people when one day i found a tiny note saying that you are beautifull…www.operationbeautiful.com writin on the coner of my desk in school. this sight changed everything i came out of balimia and anerexia grew my hair back out and became the real me.i now dont care what other people think bout my apperiance it is all about who i am one the inside and i love who i am!! i am whjo i am and will never try and change that for someone else again!!:)
    i love my short legs
    i have amazing natural long hair
    i have the best friends
    i have a great personality
    i love my c sized boobs…theres more to me than my body and size of my cheast i have a personality:)
    my eyes are unique and i love them
    my nail beds may suck butt jst shows i am a tom boy and im proud of it:)
    i love my tiny ears!!
    i love my big lips:)
    im in love:)
    i will never change who i am for others again!! this is me and i love who i am:) im glad someone led me to this sight..to all those girls who leaves those notes keep doing you could change and brightin some ones every day life just like whoever left that note did to me:)

  21. I’m very negative about my body, I feel like a giant whale compared to all my friends. They’re all skinny, and no guys going to want the fat one.
    I do love my eyes. I love my long legs, and I love my singing voice.

  22. I just found this website a few hours ago. I have been struggeling with a really low self esteem for several years now. I am always being negative about myself and putting myself down. When people give me compliments, those compliments go in one ear and right out the other, no matter who says them. When people critisize me or say something mean I take it to heart. This low self esteem is keeping me from being truly happy and enjoying life. Its causing arguements and distance between me and my fiance which i really dont want. Also I pretty much refuse to wear my regular clothes these days, I only wear my gym clothes because I feel fat and ugly in my jeans and shirts. I have had two boys in the past few months tell me I gained weight and I had fat legs. I eat healthy for the most part, and I workout with friends at least four days a week. My mom sisters and brother came to visit me and we all went to the pool. It took me thirty minutes to get the courage to unwrap my towel and get in the pool. I broke down and started crying becasue I realized they were all having fun and wanted me to get in but I refused because I felt so fat. This has been a seriouse problem and I dont want to live my life like this anymore. This is the first step to positive thoughts and happiness. Thank you to everyone who shares there stories, I feel better that i am not the only one going through this.
    I think I have pretty eyes
    I have unque curly dark hair
    I have a beautiful skin complection
    I have pearly white teeth
    I have really pretty feet
    I have a very childlike sense of humor
    I serve in the Army National Guard and take pride in that
    I have a sweet personality
    I can be very goofy and silly
    Once I have a goal, I work very hard to get it accomplished…and feeling beautiful, happy and confident is one of them!!!!

  23. I have a beautiful perfect Daughter who makes everyday a blessing.
    I have red hair and that makes me different.
    I am working hard to feel better about my self.
    I am a good person.
    I live honorably.
    I love my Husband.
    Everyday things will get a little better.

  24. I literally just discovered this website and I think that it is amazing!!! I really need to work on how I view myself. I love my heigth, I’m about 5″11. I love that I am athletic. I love my sarcastic sense of humor. I am smart. And I love my two amazing goofy friends and that I can tell them anything!

  25. This website has inspired me!
    i can point of all my flaws in seconds hairy arms which people would always ask questions about, spotty face, messed up teeth, boring brown eyes (no offence to other brown eyed people) im way toooooooooo small
    considering i stayed back a year in school, that gets alot of question, and when i came to think of all the things that are wrong about me i came to the conclusion that all the flaws i have are the things that makes me ALICE!!! it makes me at the end of the day!
    🙂 you all look beautiful! x <33
    love alice
    p.s- i wish a big thankyou to you all 🙂 and enjoy life 😉

  26. Things I like about myself
    I Like my eyes
    I like my beauty marks
    I like that I like reading
    I like my artistic side
    I like my sense of style
    Etc. 🙂
    I like that this list is longer than the negative one!
    And I love this operation <3

  27. I have nice long legs, i am caring, i have a big heart, i have beautiful eyes, i have nice full lips, i am intelligent, i am unique.

  28. For years i have struggled with negativity and insecurities about myself. I am 18, and have been this way for a few years now. I felt i wasnt good enough, i pointed out things about other that made them better than me. I have attempted suicide because i was so unhappy and felt worthless. I broke from that depression and that negativity all on my own last year by becoming a more positive person and realzing i AM worth it. It was the best change, until for the past few months, that depression came back. Those thoughts, my insecurities all came back, and keeping me from being happy. It is ruining my relationships with the ones i love and holding me back from being happy and full of life. It is the worse feeling looking in the mirror and frowning upon myself when everyone should look in the mirror and smile and their beauty and feel proud of who they are! That is what i want to be able to do. This is my first step towards self happiness and confidence once again 🙂
    I like my eyes and my eye colour,
    I love my smile
    I like having braces at 18, it will be worth it in the end
    I like my long legs
    I love my dimples when i smile
    I love my natural hair color
    I have a big heart
    I am caring
    I am a great listener and wear my heart on my sleeve
    I am unique <3

    And i love this website, its ano amazing idea 🙂 everyone deserves to be happy with themselves, even me!

  29. i have been struggling with liking myself and self-acceptance since elementary school. its really hard to know whats true and whats not when one day you hear a compliment about your body then the next day people point out your flaws. it hurts a lot really since i have majorly low self-esteem. especially when those people are close to me. some things that i guess i like are: my slightly long but kind of fat legs, my eyes, how good i look in makeup, how im not that fat, i dont have that bad of a smile, my hair isn’t so bad either, i have a big heart….unfortunately this positive list is a lot shorter than my negative list

    1. Every day you should list out a positive thing you did in a journal. It doesn’t have to be about your body! The other day, I saved a bug from certain death in my shower 😉 It made me feel like a good person. Even small stuff like that counts, too!

  30. 1. I am strong.
    2. I am so nice.
    3. I never judge people, I don’t think it’s fair.
    4. I have beautiful eyes & hair.
    5. I like the way my voice sounds.
    6. My legs are nice and long.
    7. My nails are beautiful and graceful.
    8. My lips are small and petit but beautiful nonetheless.
    9. My hair is luscious and fun.
    10.I have a freckle in my eye that makes me unique. It’s beautiful and I love it.

  31. I’m not very good at speaking good about myself. I am just so afraid that if I say something nice about myself, I’ll come off as conceded or as if I’m giving myself too much credit. Im 5 feet tall and about 155 pounds, so I’m overweight and it shows, and until recently I couldn’t imagin ever thinking nicely of myself. But I’m going to try, so
    1. I have dark brown cork-screw curly hair
    2. I have tan-ish olive skin
    3. I hardly ever get pimples
    4. I have small feet and hands
    5. I stopped biting my nails and now they’re long and pretty
    6. I have big deep brown eyes
    7. I have a pretty singing voice
    8. I have a talent for wrighting poetry
    9. I have a cute nose
    10. I have long eyelashes

  32. I have a beautifull hair colour
    I have very long legs
    I’m tall
    I’m intelligent
    I’m funny
    I hav a cute nose
    I have small feet/hands
    have amazing cheekbones
    I am unique
    I am a good listener
    I have a great heart
    I am so nice
    I dont judge people on what they look like
    I have a good sense of moral
    My hair is shiny
    I have full lips
    I have sweet freckles
    I’m shy in a cute way
    I’m just amazing!


  34. This is so uplifting! It’s hard to love yourself sometimes, especially when you think you are surrounded by pretty, tall, skinny girls. What’s most important is that we remember that even they probably are insecure too, and nobody’s exactly who they want to be. But we should want to be who we are, because we are PERFECT, JUST THE WAY WE ARE.

  35. I am extremely insecure of myself, I feel like everything I do is wrong in everyone’s eyes.. I have little friends… I am only 14 and I already want to give up on life…. But lately I realized that I have Gerry pretty eyes, long eye lashes curly black hair and a very slim tummy, yes, I do get made fun of…. A lot, over my freckles, but I love them.. They are what makes me me, I am imperfect and that makes me perfect, I love my thighs, my butt, my nose is small, but it’s cute, even though it points up just a bit, it’s uniqe and I love it.

  36. i feel the same way i am the average weight, i think, and people think I’m skinny but i feel fat. i try diets and everything also not eating lunch but i feel FAT! My positives is my lips, their are HUGE, i have long legs, my face can handle short/long hair and i’m unique.

  37. i left a long comment earlier but forgot to add a few things before submitting. i am a lucky person and i am grateful for what i have and who i am. i am not poor so i should never complain about money and never rub it in other people’s faces, which i never usually do anyways. i have huge boobs. people have told me i am either blessed or cursed by this. i think of both sides. it would be nice to have small boobs, to be able to shop for bras at normal stores instead of bigger ones. i am between and E and an F (e=ddd) and stores like victoria’s secret and aerie only go up to D or DD and they have cute and gorgeous bras. i think they should consider making bigger sizes because every woman in the world has different boobs and they are all beautiful and they should all be accepted. i know aerie came out with a bra that pushes up your boobs by 2 sizes and i think that is ridiculous because every girl and woman needs to accept their boobs for what they are and love them and believe that they are beautiful. i do love figleaves though because they have beautiful bras for a big range of sizes. anyways the problem also with big boobs is that they can give you horrible back pain, which is not fun. also, when i look down at my body all i can see is my boobs because they are so big and i sometimes wish that i could see more of my body .i have noticed in high school though that guys do stare at them when they should be looking at your face but why not have a little fun. anyways, i love my boobs because they emphasize my beautiful curves. secondly, i am lucky because i have beautiful skin at age 15. no acne like at all, except in my left armpit which is super weird and disgusting and i think it’s an infection and i hope i goes away by the time i go to college and lose weight this year. i love my face and skin because they are pure and beautiful. i will occasionally get 1 or 2 pimples on my nose during my period or a little in PMS but they usually don’t fully pop out, they just look like they are going to, and then disappear. i never complain about my skin because i believe it is absolutely beautiful. i have gotten comliments before saying that i look like a beautiful porcelain doll because of my attributes. i am going to now carry around a package of sticky notes and a pen and write encouraging messages everywhere. 🙂 all girls on the website and all over the world YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! ?

  38. I am 13 over weight and hate my body….i start to point out all of my flaws but now reading this i start to list my good traits like:
    -strong reader
    -Gorgeous eye
    -Thick and dirty blonde hair
    -huge heart
    -great personality

  39. wow!that was a real hope boost,well…. i am kind of NOT so confident in my self but the following are the things i love about me
    i love my bing eyes
    i’m multi talented
    my tiny noseand mouth
    my fat soft cheeks

  40. I’m 27 yr old woman and I put myself down a lot of the times. Half the time without realizing it, and generally feel worthless most of the time. My relationship past is very bleak at best, and over the years the failures of that aspect of my life (with nothing that wonderful happening with the rest of my life) have me genuinely feeling like I’m ugly and unwanted, undesirable, and that no one could possibly fall in love with me or think I’m actually attractive. All of these feelings wrapped up together has/does lead to moments of self harming.
    I tried to find things I like about myself and put myself up, but every time I try, the only things I like about me are my teeth, my height, and that I’m affectionate. I really don’t care for or like anything else about me, with the biggest of them being things I can’t change, or would cost a lot to. But maybe one day will come when I’ll feel different about myself.
    But congrats on what your doing. It’s nice to see girls trying to make a change. And you’re quite pretty.

  41. It’s hard for me to stop saying bad things about me, this one time i swear i thought i was fat, even though I’m currently 12 and that 1 time i decided to puke up my dinner… =( . It was horrible! Now I know that being you is okay and that you don’t need to look like a supermodel to be pretty. It’s what on the inside that counts.

  42. So I definitely struggle with negative self talk. I found this website a while back but never really explored the site I just stayed on the home page and looked up the book that is on the home page but I decided to come back to the site and explore it and I stumbled on this page and I am so grateful that I did. One of my friends is helping me to improve my confidence as well as my negative self talk and we started doing this suggestion that you made so every time I am negative I have to give her three positives and as hard as it is for me to come up with positives in the end it is soooooo worth it. I can already see my attitude and my confidence changing and it is an amazing feeling. Thank you so much

  43. I love my self and other.
    I fight to love my body and everyBody 🙂
    I have courage
    I^m independent
    I love my mother
    I love my grandma
    I love my eyes
    I love my nose
    I love my eyebrows and lashes
    I love that i see the deep side
    I ´m capable and i love this
    I love that i´m honest
    I love that i can give
    I love that I have Passion and Dedication
    I have talent And I thank God for this
    I understand people and i love it
    I hade a lot of experiences, bad and good, and that made me to know better the human beeing, and i love it.
    I love that i-m doing architecture.
    I love that grils have courage and find in their selfs more than clothes and make up.
    I love that i have the courage to look people in the eyes .
    i love colors .
    I love my hands, the way they are.
    i love my hair.
    i love my theet and my lips.
    I love that i love sun and water and snow
    i love my skin.
    i love me. but not only me. 🙂 love you girls! all!

  44. Hi i am Sarah, everything my body does for me is amazing; being able to do gymnastics and run sufficiently makes everything more amazing about me, i love how tall i am perfect height, nope i’m not overweight not at all sometimes i feel like i need to loose something here and there but my imperfections are amazing, my eyes something everyone has to comment on they are big bright and a beautiful blue, i love my body the way it is shaped and formed makes me my own person and who wouldn’t want to be themselves my body works for me and gives me the balance i need, i love my stomach its perfect i wouldn’t change anything about it, my nails i will always need to paint my nails no matter how beautiful they are and make a smile everyday, i am a wonderful person and no one can change that about me if you don’t like it then get over yourself, because me is me and i won’t be anyone else

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