Letting Go of My Negativity

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  1. Someone at my high school left these operationbeautiful notes all over the bathrooms. I thought I’d check it out, and this site has already made me smile and feel a kind of joy I’ve been missing for a while.

    Things that I love about myself:
    -my tan skin.
    -My curves, while still being skinny.
    -my perfect middle-sized boobs. not too big, not too small(:
    -my blue eyes. I think all eye colors are gorgeous, but blue has always been my favorite color, and i love looking in the mirror and seeing a color that i love so much naturally being a part of me.
    -my hands. they are perfect for playing piano, long and limber
    -my butt(;
    -the way i can take on so much, feel overwhelmed, and yet still excell at everything. i am super tough. though i might freak out a bit, i never give in.
    -my hair. its golden brown, dirty blonde, that shiny color between blonde and brunette.
    -my willingness to give 100% to whatever i do.
    -my kindness. if i dont know you, i will still give you a warm smile and a ‘hello’
    -my love for travel. i’ve found my passion. it’s all mine and nobody can take that away from me
    -my smile when i’m really happy and you can see the joy in my eyes and mouth
    -my willingness to put myself out of my comfort zone and stay there, even if im uncomfortable. everythings a learning experience, right?
    -my maturity. while other students party and drink (not judging the rest of you if you do that, just make smart choices!), i am starting a nonprofit to help kenyan children.
    -my arms. yes, ill beat the guys arm wrestling. strength is hot.
    -my ability to go against the flow. idc about brands or labels. my style is all about what i like, not what everyone else does.

    making this list makes me prouder than ive been in a long time. thank you, operationbeautiful. seeing so many other girls just like me is inspiring.

    i know every one of you is beautiful. there is something you can do, a talent or skill, something that is all yours. follow your dreams, lovebugs<3 every woman who has done amazing things was just like us once, unsure of herself. we can, and we are, the makers of our worlds. take control, and have fun!

  2. I actually came across the book today at Barnes&Noble. The battle with my self esteem is ongoing, one day Im up, the next Im down but after reading “Operation Beautiful” Im going to try a little harder at building my self up, by using the post it notes and upllifting quotations, I really need this.

  3. Ahh…. Here goes… Note that there isn’t anything physical, but ehh.

    -A talented writer
    -Can take a hit, physically or emotionally
    -An awesome RPG gamer
    -Easy to get along with
    -Mature and cautious
    -Can sing

  4. I’ve been feeling really down about myself lately. I have the most amazing boyfriend a girl could ask for and I’m so afraid of losing him. The fact that he’s so amazing has made me so insecure about myself. Whenever a pretty girl walks by, I’m so afraid he is going to leave me for her, and treat her the way he treats me. It drives me so crazy. Then I find myself comparing myself to pretty girls and I become so upset that he might think he can do better.

    Here’s my list –
    I’m compassionate
    I try to make others smile and laugh
    I have a good heart
    I value myself
    I’m a good friend and girlfriend

  5. My on going battle with poor self esteem has been going on since i was around 7 years old. I have epilepsy and my doctors put me on medicine that made me gain weight. Even at such a young age i was constantly worrying and picking at myself. Being a curvy teenage girl is such a struggle these days. All my freinds try to starve themselves to look thin. Well i am sick and tired of it.
    – I am a good artist.
    – I have a beautiful soul
    -I love my long blonde hair
    -I love when people realize the beauty they potray.

  6. I just discovered Operation Beautiful tonight while on a hunt for inspirational, being yourself websites. When I saw the post-it’s and read the stories, my breath was instantly taken away. I couldn’t believe that I had not found this site before! It was exactly what I needed! At my high school, I’m part of Rachels Challenge, so as a member I try to find other ways to make people feel good about themselves and stop bullying. Operation Beautiful, you’re the answer to my many many prayers. Thank you for promoting your cause to the world 🙂
    You have inspired me to go out there and stick post-it’s wherever I go now! I want to make a difference, make individuals feel good about themselves, even on a bad day <3
    To all of you who are reading this message: You are beautiful, no matter what society says. God gave you an articulate voice and a smile. Go out there, and show the world how you SHINE!

  7. This is going to be pretty hard for me. This has been a real issue basically my whole life. Here it goes….
    -I’m funny
    -I’m extremely caring.
    -I’m willing to help anyone.
    -I can make people happy easily.
    -I can push my problems aside easily to make others more important.
    -the only good physical thing I can think of is that im skinny.
    -I have long eyelashes without makeup.

    and that’s all I can think of. I have a major issue with self doubt.

  8. Wow… Operation Beautiful.. you have successfully moved me to tears.. I have my ups and downs. I have my days where I know that I’m beautiful and my husband wants me. But there are days where I wake up, I look at myself in the mirror and think “why would he want to spend the rest of his life with you?” but because of all the things I’ve read on this site, I’m going to start telling my self positive things instead of negative!

    I’m a good Singer
    I have an active imagination
    I have a huge heart and passion for helping people
    I have beautiful eyes
    I am perfect in my own way
    My husband LOVES me, NEEDS me and WANTS me!

    Thank you Operation Beautiful!

  9. I just found this website this morning before school, going to get post it’s at the store later…
    Things I like about myself:
    -My hair it has natural hylights
    -My eyes, they’re brown, but in the sun they look hazely… I just like them.
    -My ability to walk stuff off, I may be in the worst pain, but I’ll keep going
    -I can read books nonstop, books are my lifesaver
    -My singing voice
    -My toes, they are just the right size(weird right? :p)
    -And my ability to comfort people

    It’s a little weird to list all of the things I like about myself out, but I think I’m gonna keep at it. 1 negative thought=3 things I like about myself… I can do this

  10. I’ve been really insecure and lonely lately. At school I’m always left alone…This never happened at my old school. Ever since I moved, I’ve been looking more on the negatives than the positives… Well, here goes nothing;

    -My writing skills
    -My drawing skills
    -My soft/cute voice
    -My dull hazel eyes
    -My kind/caring/loving personality
    -My fun/funniness
    -My true/honest heart
    -My laugh
    -My love for books
    -My crazy imagaination
    -My love for music
    -My inner child:’)

  11. I always blame at myself because I didn’t do the things that I expected to be done. Especially, things I really don’t like about me but part of them I like.
    -I am nice.
    -Good friends.
    -My natural tan skin.
    -My good heart.
    -The big smile on my face (haha!).
    -The greatest mom ever!
    -The gift of art.
    -The gift of playing the piano.
    -The love from people who cherishes me?

  12. My senior year of high school I had an eating disorder. I was afraid, afraid getting fat. I had always been thin, but the fact that the women in my family fill out in their motherhood and how everyone says that you gain weight when you get older, made me afraid it would happen to me. I reduced what I ate to half regular portion sizes; my regular calorie intake for a day was probably around 800 calories a day. I went from 118 to 92 lbs. This didn’t solve my problems, it just made them worse. I had to realize that I don’t have to worry about becoming overweight as long as I exercise regularly and eat healthily. Now in my freshman year of college, I am gaining weight, getting healthy curves, and looking more beautiful every day!
    So this is how I am beautiful:
    -Long, slender legs
    -Soft, dark brown hair
    -Full lips
    -Pretty eyelashes
    -Beauty marks, all over
    -Nice personality
    -Not obnoxious, but not too shy
    -Good Artist
    -I can play the guitar
    -Love reading books
    -And most importantly, God loves me!
    And God loves you, too!

  13. I find it interesting that the first thing many women describe as being their favourite part of them is all physical, then they comment on what they liek about themselves beyond the physical. I would assume this sis because form a young age we are taught that women are valued by their appearance and everything else is secondary. We are taught this through images, tv, movies, comments, toys (sexy ponies with heels, bratz dolls, barbie, monster high dolls – all are marketed based on looks with one dimensional personalities as their secondary characteristics). We need to go beyond the physical and appreciate who we are as people first and foremost because we forget sexiness is more than appearance.

  14. I’ve been in a long relationship for almost six years I am young and he’s the first man I ever loved I feel like if Im not happy with myself or if I don’t love my self one day he is going to leave me and he is a great guy I love him so much for everything he’s helped me thru. I don’t know how to change and be happy . I don’t know how to love my self. And I know I want to be I just don’t know where to start.

  15. I love Many things about myself! (but I sometimes forget…)
    -I love my gigantic teal eyes; they suit me 🙂 and I dont think anyone has eyes as big as mine
    -I also <3 my super tall long legs and the fact that i don't have to shave them, since my leg hair is blond 😀
    -I love my personality! I am so hilarious and charming yet poised and complex too
    – I love my short gold hair;) its too light or too dark its simply perfect for me
    -I love my cute pointed nose I don't really know what I love about it so much but I do
    -I love my knees they have been through so much! I have scraped them so many times… I am just so proud of them to heal so quickly
    -I love my style… My colored jeans and dock martins :D…Sometimes even purple uggs! I love that I can wear something as unique as an old 50s turtle neck and still get away with it
    -I love how I'm so outgoing and if there is something I want to do, I set my mind to it and always succeed!
    -and last but not least, I love the way Im so artistically talented 🙂 I can sing, act draw paint, you name it! Maybe ill even try sports…
    I hope that soon I will no longer be self cautious because I am beautiful!!! I will no longer care what the popular people think of me…

  16. Things I love about myself:
    – beautiful eyes
    – personality
    – kindness in which every human being deserves
    – long legs
    – hourglass figure
    – dedication to friendship
    – love for freedom and expression
    – great sense of humor
    – beautiful smile
    – being biracial
    – honesty
    I’ve really had problems with people treating me like shit my whole life which led to insecurities/self esteem issues, but now its time for me to realize that I am the only ME out there no one is exactly like me, so I should be positive and love myself for who I am and not for who others want me to be.
    – xoxo smile bright, & stay positive (:

  17. – my bright blue eyes
    -my long thick eye lashes
    -my smile
    -my long dirty blonde hair
    -my intelligence
    -my big boobs 🙂
    -im a good friend
    -my heart

  18. I love:
    – my AMAZINGLY coloured eyes, everyone comments on them
    – my long, dark eyelashes,
    – my long, brunette, straight hair
    – my amazing friends
    – my talent for baking, I am hoping to set up a little business in our village selling bread etc
    – my nose. I don’t know, I just like it…!
    – my ability to get on with people I don’t know or have never met before
    – my pretty much flat tummy
    – my thighs that don’t touch (not something I have ever desperately wanted, but I just naturally have them)
    – I’m pretty academic at school, I do well at most subjects

  19. I found an “operation beautiful” post-it on the bathroom mirror at my local mall. I llve the whole idea of operation beautiful. I’ve been self conscious about my weight and looks for as long as I can remember. My two lifelong best friends were always skinny and very beautiful and I felt like the odd one out because of being “bigger.” But I realize now that a) Im not even that big, and b) I am still beautiful. I have an amazing, amazing, boyfriend that sees all the good in me. Physically and for my personality. With his help and the help of O.B., Ive been able to stop the negative thinking and focus on the good. 🙂

    -I have a nice smile
    -I have nice eyes (sometimes a deep blue or gray blue, mostly hazel)
    -I have a nice butt 😛
    -I have nice skin color/softness
    -I have beautiful long brown hair
    -I have nice-looking feet
    -I have a very humorous, caring, and understanding personality 🙂

  20. I’m in recovery from anorexia nervosa purging subtype and anxiety…. Some days its more a struggle than not, but I push on forward. I actually love this site. 🙂 Its awesome!! My dorm room is covered with Bible quotes telling me how worthy I am of God’s love and how beautiful I am 🙂 I actually came across this site cause a friend of mine who knew I had an eating disorder admitted to me that she’s scared she’s becoming bulimic 🙁

    Anyway…. Here goes. Far out. I have never done anything like this before!!!!

    – My eyes…. They’re like dark green but bright, people always tell me how pretty my eyes are 🙂 I love when my boyfriend stares into them 🙂

    – My eyebrows. They bring out my cheekbones! (Although I feel more comfortable caked in make-up.

    – My smile… Apparently it’s quite beautiful and makes other people smile!

    – My teeth. I have never had to use braces or whiten them!

    – My legs… they may not be perfectly anorexic looking (I know bad body image!) but they are still skinny and I look great in heels!

    – My collarbones

    – My skinny wrists

    Although the last two are my anorexia talking it’s oddly comforting to know that they’re there.

  21. I’ve struggled with self esteem issues forever. Particularly since my first marriage and the way my mother in law would crush my confidence into the ground saying she would kill herself if she looked like me. My lack of confidence is slowly poisoning every aspect of my life and I’m tired.
    What I love about myself..
    1. My lips/smile
    2. My long eyelashes
    3. My creativity
    4. My kindness and desire to help others

  22. I’ve been struggling with self-esteem issues ever since high school and I cannot quite accept myself fully even though a lot of people admire me. I badly want to erase all negative self-talk because it doesn’t do any good. 🙁 Anyway, I’d like to thank you for this article. Here are the things that I love about myself.

    – I have a big heart. I always give my best to other people.
    – I’m intelligent.
    – I’m a voracious reader.
    – I always see the best in others.
    – I’m friendly and kind.
    – I’m honest.
    – My dark brown eyes.
    – My smile.
    – My love for music.
    – I’m patient and loving.
    – I’m peace-loving and fair.

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